I haven’t given into the T. Swift craze.

Its Ok Thursdays


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve linked up for “It’s ok” Thursday… and in loo of trying to keep myself blogging… I thought I’d make it a comeback.

It’s ok…

to get completely frustrated with your computer because your webcam isn’t working. I really wanted to post a vlog… but alas, it won’t allow it.

to watch Friends, at least once… every. single. day. {I’m watching it as we speak…}

to have cereal and wine for dinner. Some nights I just don’t feel like cooking. And really want a glass of wine.

to be looking forward the election being over so I don’t hear the commercials everywhere. All the time. Even on Pandora?!

to have opted against wearing makeup all week for a few more minutes in my warm bed.

to be in love with Deacon on Nashville… and? He’s 47… he looks damn good for 47. #yum

to have not given into the Taylor Swift “Red” craze… yet.

to have already worn my fur vest like 5 times already this fall. #obsessed

See, obsessed.


Happy Thursday, chica’s!



Do you like to shop?

Have y’all heard of Ideeli??? It’s an online, exclusive, deep discount, designer shopping site. You can find amazing deals on really cute stuff for the entire family and your home.

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Happy Shopping, pretties!

What I’m Wearing. {Old clothes, that’s what.}

I wish, wish, wish I would stop sneezing and being stuffy. I’m SOOO over it. Last night I had a hot toddie {whiskey, tea, lemon, honey} for the first time and I think that’s what every sick person needs. It made me feel much better while I was drinking it. But I still woke up feeling yucky. So, I threw this on. Literally, just threw it on… it was one of those “just get dressed and look alive” mornings. I think everything I have on is like 3 years old.

Also, who wants to trade me closets? #pleaseandthankyou

Earrings// Forever 21. Pink Cardi// Express {I honestly think it’s from senior year of HS} Turq V-neck// Wal-mart. Skirt// American Eagle {by way of Amy’s closet} Yellow Sandals// Target {little girls}

Happy Wednesday… again.

What I find Pinteresting… {color. sunsets. and endings.}

Perfect Color Combination.

Skin Beauty Salad. Delicious lunch option. {via the lovely, Allie}

It's about the story.

Hair Bows. So fresh and pretty.

Elephant Laptop Case.

Gorgeous Sunset.

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Are you on Pinterest? Do I follow you? Let me know!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, dolls!