What I’m Wearing. {Monday. Ugh.}

It’s Monday. And I think this Monday hates me. I’ve spilled coffee all over my kitchen. Couldn’t find anything to wear because it’s cold. Dropped my phone and the battery went flying. Technology hates me. I didn’t eat breakfast and I forgot my lunch. {All due to the massive spill this morning}. I slept with my hair wet and can we please note how fabulous that turned out? Can I get a restart button, pretty please?

Okay, okay, I’m done whining.

Earrings//Kohl’s. Cardigan// J.C. Penney {years ago} Gingham button up// Target {many years ago} Jeggings// Hollister. Scrunchy Boots// Marshalls {please excuse the no makeup look too, ugh.}

Please tell me you’re having a better Monday. {yes, I know it could be much worse – but I just needed to complain for a minute, ok? ok.}