I hope… {Happy Halloween}


that you haven’t stopped caring about this little ole blog.

that you aren’t annoyed too much that I go through periodic moments of MIA{ness}.

that you take a moment to be grateful for what you have in the wake of this crazy hurricane that blasted the East Coast.

that you got to enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate this morning. {I’m still working on mine… and it’s no longer warm. #fail}

that it warms up a little bit around here… I was enjoying fall… and I’m not quite ready for winter yet.

that Harper comes soon {but not sooner than she should!} because I can’t wait to meet her.

that the reading glasses I recently purchased help – and that I don’t actually need glasses.

that Nashville doesn’t get cancelled – I’m in love with that show… anyone else???

that I actually get back into the swing of things. Like now. I missed blogging.

that y’all have a fantastic Halloween… stay safe, stay warm, and eat lots of candy! {Oh! And watch some scary movies… }

Halloween ’12 – my best costume. Vampire.


Halloween ’10 – please note how thrilled he looks. #crazycatlady


Halloween ’09 – I was a cowgirl. So not original.

Happy Halloween, pumpkins!


Rain is a good thing.


I think this is a good reminder.

It’s a rainy, dreary Friday {in Ohio, anyways} but we will take it. We need the rain. After work today I’m heading home for the weekend… and I can’t wait! I haven’t been home since Memorial Day {and that’s a long time for me!}.

Hope y’all have a fantastic weekend!!



Good Intentions.

I have massively failed at blogging this month – it’s been an uber busy month {I CAN NOT believe it’s almost over} and I’ve been crazily uninspired – and there’s nothing worse than that feeling. I hate it. But I’m promising right now to change that. I’m spending my day working on getting this little blog organized {thank you, Allie and your fabulous ideas!} and back in working order.

So stay on the look out – I promise June will be a MUCH better month around Messy Hair and Cowboy Boot-land. 😉

Hope y’all had a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

Semi Wordless Wednesday. {Instagram Style}

My old girl. She’s about 13 and turning very gray but can still melt her momma’s heart.

Taken this morning – Sans makeup {ok, ok, I have a little mascara on – but that’s it}

Mother’s day brunch – the best pancakes in the world, made by my Dad. Seriously, most delicious things EVER!!!

Jack and diet to kick off my birthday week.

BLONDE! Finally got my roots done – I try to wait as long as possible for my hair’s sake… and I can usually rock the roots for a lil while. LOVING the fresh new blonde.

Bub and I made Momma manicotti for Mother’s day… it was yum! I then was sent a recipe for homemade manicotti shells… can. not. wait. to. try. Thank you, Nikki.

My bed at home – I couldn’t resist a picture… first, because it’s rarely made – Emmy {my cat at home} prefers a messy bed so she’ll do it herself if she needs. Second, it looked so pretty and vintagy.

KITTENS! Two dark calico babies. I. AM. IN. LOVE.

Rainy day in the country.But seriously gorgeous day. #nofilter

Yes, another bed – my roomie got me this new Ralph Lauren bedding I’ve been lusting after, for my birthday. I slept in it last night… It was beyond cozy.

Mother’s Day flowers… and my favorite. Stargazer lilies. {I also learned that lilies are poisonous to kitties… oops. :/}

I thought I’d link up over at Flip Flops & Pearls for Semi Wordless Wednesday. I’ve taken a lot of pictures lately, huh? Oops… I seriously love instagram. It’s addicting.



Enjoy, kitties. And go check out the blogs linked up… or better yet, link up yourself!

Happy hump day!

p.s. my birthday is in 3 days. Who’s excited?! THIS GIRL!!!!

Do you like to shop?

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Happy Shopping, pretties!

What I find pinteresting…

Layered Curtains.

Chalkboard Quotes.

Colored Skinnies.

Adjusting her sails.

Warm weather cocktails.


What have you found “pinteresting” lately???

Happy Tuesday, lovers.