Hot Tea and Happiness.



When I saw this little graphic is made me happy. Who doesn’t love catching up over a cup of hot tea?

Happiness is…

a quiet night of cuddling up on the couch and watching TV.

knowing that the political commercials, ads, mailers, etc. will cease to exist after yesterday.

a sweet little “meow” when I wake up in the morning and someone’s waiting on me to open my eyes. {ok, sometimes this airs on the side of annoyance. sometimes.}

a phone call with my brother that begins with “Talk to me, goose…” and ends with “…get green label. It’s not a cheap crap kind of weekend.” We’re special.

knowing that the baby shower honoree’s are actually excited about the shower we are throwing this weekend. Can’t. Wait.

a new workout inspiration. Thank you Missy and Nikki. I began Couch to 5k {again} tonight.

a new episode of Nashville tonight. Obsessed. But, again, we all know this.

walking into my apartment and smelling dinner that I put in the crockpot this morning. Chicken tacos get in my belly!

Starbursts. Thank you, Amy, for bringing them into work. I know they were for the bucket of candy for the kids… but… I just can’t help myself.

knowing that this weekend I’ll get to see so many old friends and family.

What happiness is not…

the sole of my riding boots breaking today. I almost cried. Super glue?


What is happiness to you??

Happy hump day, kittens!





Happy Hour. {Clean. Phone calls. Sonny.}

I kicked Sunday’s bum today. I woke up at 7:30 {!!!!!!!} – seriously, who does that? An idiot . An over achiever, that’s who! And started cleaning out my closet, putting clothes away, organizing my room, then did a huge haul in the basement {it needed it like you wouldn’t imagine!} and finally cleaned the entire apartment. Feels soo good to have everything all spic and span. And, I grocery shopped. My Sunday was full of #winning.

Now I get to sit down and work on my blog posts for the week, read my Marie Claire {with Miley on the cover! Eeek!} and relax with a glass of wine.

So, it’s the third week of Happy Hour – are you linking up with Ellie and I?? We hope so! I mean c’mon, how nice is it to start the week thinking about the things that are making you happy right now?!

1. Re-sale shops. I went through my closet, again today. The little snippet of fall weather yesterday got me all kinds of excited about fall clothes. {Not that I needed help there!} But, I figured there was no time like the present to go through everything. I have so many jackets, sweaters, and jeans I never, ever wear. I piled the good stuff into a laundry basket and took them down to Rag-o-Rama. {And then two trash bags of sweats, tshirts, and shorts went to Goodwill.} They took a decent amount and I got a lil $$ for them. It’s really a win-win. Some of the items I had only worn once or maybe never, so it doesn’t feel like such a waste when I can take them to a re-sale shop.

2. Getting dressed up. Last night was the Columbus Arts Ball – an event benefiting the Autism Society of Central Ohio; Amy had donated a puzzle piece and item for the silent auction. In turn, we got tickets to attend the event. It felt like prom all over again. Only better, much, much better. {Prom was too drama filled, right?!} Finding the perfect dress, doing my hair all pretty, wearing more makeup than normal, loud music, dancing, and lots of picture taking… It was a lot of fun. What girl doesn’t enjoy getting all dolled up for an evening?!


3. Phone calls. I talk to my Mom everyday on the phone. You’d be surprised how much we have to talk about even though we talked just 24 hours before. And what’s even better is when a little, blonde munchkin answers the phone with “I love you soooo much! What are you doing, Jackie?!” I’m kind of in love with that little one – she can seriously bring a smile to anyone’s face.

4. Old episodes of General Hospital being on Soapnet right now. I have watched this show since I was in the womb. However, I haven’t stayed up to date with it in the last few years. I’ll watch it here and there depending on what the cover of Soap Magazine entices of me with {more often than not it’s something to do with Sonny} – but usually lose interest shortly. But tonight, it’s a weeks worth of “Gold Medal Moments” – which means, reruns, from years ago… I know what I’m doing tonight!

5. Starting the week off with – Clean apartments. Grocery shopping done. Organized closets. Need I say more?

Ok – get movin’  – start making your happiness list and checking it twice… then link up! It’s easy – click on that little blue froggy guy at the bottom of this post and BOOM! all done!

Happy Monday, my little soap opera fans!!!

Happy Hour. {First edition}

Once upon a time I met Ellie. I was looking for swag for the Amy Clark Studios grand opening party… so I played on Etsy for a bit looking for local artists/designers that I could get in contact with and hopefully work with them for this event. Among several others, I found Ellie. Ellie creates these kick-ass coasters. They seriously rock – we have them in the studio and use them DAILY! Well, long story short… we met and were instant friends! We came to realize that we had a mutual friend, we are the exact same age {born days apart}, and have so much in common – including our love of blogging.

And due to that last little fact… Happy Hour was born.


{This will be the button you can grab when you link up. Code will be posted later this week. ;)}


Ellie and I got to talking a couple of weeks ago and decided it would be fun to host a weekly blog link up. We brainstormed several ideas… but this one stuck. Every Monday we are going to pick 5 things that are really tickling our fancies. Whatever it may be – it’s what bringing us happiness this week. It’s a moment to reflect on the little things that make us smile. And c’mon – Happy Hour makes ALL of us giddy so we thought it was a perfect title!

1. My new Nike’s. First things first… they have neon {and neon coral at that} on them. But most importantly… they are sooooo much more comfortable than my old shoes. And since I’ve actually been making it a point to workout at least every other day…my feet are now rejoicing!!!


2. The 17 Day Diet book – okay, so I haven’t officially started it yet. But the plan is to begin it tomorrow. So I’m hoping that I love it. Or at least like it enough to do it. It doesn’t seem to bad… eating healthy is just a good idea and I think this is the little kick in the bum that I’m needing. {again}.


3. Kip Moore. Do I really even need to explain this? Dude is yummy. I’m a sucker for a country singer – but I got the luxury of seeing him in concert last week and I he an amazing performer and very easy on the eyes. I’ve been rockin’ out to his album every chance I get. I was really, really hoping that I could charm him into falling in love with me last week… however, I didn’t get the chance. Damn shame, I tell ya!


4. The stack of books sitting next to my bed. I have six books awaiting my attention – and that makes me happy. I love having a book that I’m dying to read – I’m in the middle of two books – but I’m thinking I’m going to start Divergent anyways because I’ve heard such good things about it. Have you read it?? What are you reading right now??


5. Summer nights… that are beginning to get a little cooler {just a little} but enough that it lets you know fall is on it’s way. And I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for fall. I’m a bit over 90 degree days and the humidity. But – the gorgeous colors in a summer evening, those make the warm days a little more worth it, don’t ya think??


And that’s it for the first edition of Happy Hour {I had originally planned to have this posted this morning but html woes and tylenol pm prevented that from happening – blame them, not me. ;)}. Don’t forget to link up with Ellie and I next week for the things that are making YOU happy right now!!

p.s. We have something else up our sleeves for your entertainment pleasure as well. Stay tuned. 😉

Happy Monday loves – hope you survived it. {I barely did – I am sooooo tired today. Ugh.}