I hope… {Happy Halloween}


that you haven’t stopped caring about this little ole blog.

that you aren’t annoyed too much that I go through periodic moments of MIA{ness}.

that you take a moment to be grateful for what you have in the wake of this crazy hurricane that blasted the East Coast.

that you got to enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate this morning. {I’m still working on mine… and it’s no longer warm. #fail}

that it warms up a little bit around here… I was enjoying fall… and I’m not quite ready for winter yet.

that Harper comes soon {but not sooner than she should!} because I can’t wait to meet her.

that the reading glasses I recently purchased help – and that I don’t actually need glasses.

that Nashville doesn’t get cancelled – I’m in love with that show… anyone else???

that I actually get back into the swing of things. Like now. I missed blogging.

that y’all have a fantastic Halloween… stay safe, stay warm, and eat lots of candy! {Oh! And watch some scary movies… }

Halloween ’12 – my best costume. Vampire.


Halloween ’10 – please note how thrilled he looks. #crazycatlady


Halloween ’09 – I was a cowgirl. So not original.

Happy Halloween, pumpkins!


Perspective and good friends.

The state of Ohio was hit with a massive storm (last) Friday evening. We had winds of 85 mph and it came and went within an instant… and destroyed most things in it’s path. I had no sooner gotten home from second shooting a wedding, 2 hours away, on one of the hottest days of the year… when all of the sudden the sky became black and what could only be described as hurricane winds ripped through the city. I watched our porch furniture go flying, my screen door almost ripped off it’s hinges, trees and limbs were swirling around. The vacant parking lot across the street looked like it hadn’t been touched in years, it was covered by tree branches. And this massive wind… it took most of Ohio’s power with it. Friday night we took it in stride, had fun with it, drank on the porch, in the dark, grilled pizza for dinner… we were all assuming it’d be back on by morning. However, once my phone died and it was time to go to sleep {or attempt to} I think I began to have a mild panic attack.

I’m used to and quite love the quiet in the country. It’s peaceful. But in the city… it’s eerie. It’s creepy, and honestly… it’s downright terrifying. I could hear sirens echoing for miles, people talking, tires squealing… not to mention it was stifling hot and humid. The stillness didn’t settle well with me.

In that moment, all I wanted to do was call my Dad, cry, and have him come pick me up.

I’m a child sometimes. A 29 year old, child. I didn’t feel well, I was beyond exhausted because I had been up since 4am, and I was just in a pissed off mood. And sometimes, it’s all I can do to talk myself down from just throwing a temper tantrum. So, I pouted for a bit {not so secretly} and tried to make do the best I could… at least for the night. After a very, very restless sleep… a new day began.

I was positive we’d have electric by this point… we didn’t. And my phone being off was killing me – how sad, right? Needless to say – I was in an even more pissed off mood than I was when I went to bed that night. How we were supposed to survive in this heat wave, with zero power? Clintonville was like a ghost town. The bar and grocery store were open. That’s it. We spent the morning in search of food and battery powered fans {which we didn’t find}. However, our dear, sweet friends Amy and Alex offered a source of relief. They opened up their house to Missy {my roommate} and I. And our pets. So we packed up enough for the night and made a makeshift bedroom in their basement. We thanked them with Jack Daniels, pizza, and a night of card games. Again – I was assuming the power would be back on by Sunday – again, I was wrong. It is now estimated to remain off until July 7th. JULY 7TH!!!! Instant bad mood. This threw off my weekend, my week, my days. What were we gonna do for 7 days? I contemplated going home, and that wouldn’t have been a problem – but driving back and forth from the grove to downtown everyday would be hefty on the gas tank.

Amy then offered her home to us for the duration – words couldn’t express how thankful I am. She and Alex opened their door and let us practically move in. It’s moments like these when you become truly grateful for the people you have been blessed with.

Being without power and invading someone else’s world for 5 days puts things into perspective. It makes you grateful for the little things – for good friends, a roof over your head, food on the table. The rest is just stuff. Stuff that you don’t really need. It forced everyone outside of their comfort zones – outside of their normal routines. And yes, many of us bitched and moaned about it {that’s just human nature} but we all survived it. And like my mom said has said many times “it could always be worse”.

Happy Monday, loves. I’m hoping this one is far more normal than last week.