Sunday Social: Random.

In hopes that I’ll continue blogging I’m linking up with Neely today for Sunday Social… this week we are playing catch up with life. Easy, peezy, lemon squeezy…
Sunday Social

1. What is on my current wishlist…

I want a new pair of chestnut colored boots. A new pair of cowboy boots. Sweaters. Patterned skinnies. Some color stay lip color. I’m really digging wearing color on my lips lately but it never seems to stay on long. And I want a lot of black… I’m usually all about color but recently I’ve wanted more neutral tones in my wardrobe.

2. Share a new app that I have recently discovered:

Honestly, I don’t know. I tend to use the same apps – I did recently download Evernote, but I haven’t really used it yet…

3. What is a new fall TV show that has been added to the DVR???

Nashville. I’m obsessed. {I think we’ve been over this… ;)} I think that’s the only new show that I’m completely obsessed with. So good… if you aren’t watching it… start.

4. Share my social media links for y’all to follow me on… Cause you know you wanna! And which is my favorite…

Twitter , Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram – I enjoy them all for different reasons. How’s the for having a favorite?!

5. What is a TV show or Movie or Song you could listen to or watch over and over and over and never get tired of…feel free to name one of each:

TV Show – Friends, Full House, Boy Meets World, One Tree Hill. Movie – Dirty Dancing, The Notebook, Legally Blonde, and chic flick really. Song – Kip Moore’s album, Jana Kramer’s album, anything Jason Aldean or Kate Voegele

And there we have – the questions you’ve been dying to know. 😉

Have a wonderful end to your weekend. I’m off to hopefully go to the gym and decide on what’s for dinner tonight… I’m thinking homemade pizza…


About the leopard print…

Naturally, I watched the CMA’s last night {if you didn’t know that I LOVE country music… you do now} and to my Twitter followers, I apologize… I just had to live tweet my thoughts on the event. It happens… and my friend Ellie, she wrote her commentary out in a blog post… CRACKED. ME. UP. {Go read it now… then come back…}

Now, a few of my thoughts… Where was Kip Moore?? I need Carrie Underwood’s leg workout. NEED. Jason Aldean will always, always, always be my favorite. Country musicians are just sexy. Period. All of them… Luke, Jake, Jason, Erin, Jana, Carrie… seriously, share that with us, please. The Willie Nelson tribute was fantastic. Tim and Kenny are getting old. Was Faith wearing braces? The Zac Brown Band is amazing.  And sorry, Taylor… I still am not a huge fan.

And… I need to go to the CMA’s next year.

On another note –

I’m rocking some leopard leggings today {I got them a couple of months ago but hadn’t decided on them yet…}


What do you think? Yay? Nay? I love leopard. as much as I love country music – and that’s a lot. 

What are you up to this weekend?

Happy Friday, little Cheetahs!

I haven’t given into the T. Swift craze.

Its Ok Thursdays


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve linked up for “It’s ok” Thursday… and in loo of trying to keep myself blogging… I thought I’d make it a comeback.

It’s ok…

to get completely frustrated with your computer because your webcam isn’t working. I really wanted to post a vlog… but alas, it won’t allow it.

to watch Friends, at least once… every. single. day. {I’m watching it as we speak…}

to have cereal and wine for dinner. Some nights I just don’t feel like cooking. And really want a glass of wine.

to be looking forward the election being over so I don’t hear the commercials everywhere. All the time. Even on Pandora?!

to have opted against wearing makeup all week for a few more minutes in my warm bed.

to be in love with Deacon on Nashville… and? He’s 47… he looks damn good for 47. #yum

to have not given into the Taylor Swift “Red” craze… yet.

to have already worn my fur vest like 5 times already this fall. #obsessed

See, obsessed.


Happy Thursday, chica’s!


Friday, I love…

I’m stealing this from Lauren Conrad’s site this morning.

Favorite Beauty Idea: Liquid eyeliner


Favorite Fall Fashion Trend: Printed skinnies



Favorite Fall Hair Trend: Bangs and big curls {duh! Cause I just got them!}


Favorite Adorables: Kitties. {Wonder if I could get Tric to do this?! Hmmmm…}


Favorite Hobby {right now}: Cooking!!


Favorite Fall Show: Sons of Anarchy


What are your Friday favorites?!

I believe in…

Linking up with Erin, duh. 


I believe in following a strict schedule of watching Friends re-runs. 11pm. Every night. Nick@Nite.

I believe in fresh, country air. It’s good for the soul.

I believe in the want to sleep in… but I never sleep in past 830.

I believe in working out. It makes a person a little happier… cause lets face it, endorphin’s make people happy, and happy people just don’t kill their husbands. 😉

I believe in being silly. As often as possible.

I believe in tea, hazelnut coffee, and whiskey.


I believe in the importance of family. And friends that are like family. Where would we be without them?

I believe in “Thank You’s” “Good Morning’s” and “I’m Sorry’s” – it’s the little things that we need to hear the most.

I believe in taking the time to give yourself a proper manicure. Weekly.


I believe in reading. Books are the best therapy.


I believe in singing at the top of my lungs. Whenever I can.

I believe in leopard print, cowboy boots, and big, messy hair.

I believe in forgiveness.

I believe in letting people choose their own paths.

I believe in kitty cuddle time.

I believe in screwing up – most of the time, that’s the only way any of us will ever learn.

I believe in sleep… which is where I’m off to. {Actually, I’m off to watch Friends. Don’t act like you aren’t watching it too… Ohh Janice and Chandler. *sniff*}

Are you linking up with Erin at Living in Yellow?? You should. It’s a pretty kickassbum  link up!

Happy Thursday, lovelies. 

p.s. I know I’ve sucked at blogging lately. I apologize. But sometimes, it happens. Don’t hate, yo?!


Happy Hour. {Clean. Phone calls. Sonny.}

I kicked Sunday’s bum today. I woke up at 7:30 {!!!!!!!} – seriously, who does that? An idiot . An over achiever, that’s who! And started cleaning out my closet, putting clothes away, organizing my room, then did a huge haul in the basement {it needed it like you wouldn’t imagine!} and finally cleaned the entire apartment. Feels soo good to have everything all spic and span. And, I grocery shopped. My Sunday was full of #winning.

Now I get to sit down and work on my blog posts for the week, read my Marie Claire {with Miley on the cover! Eeek!} and relax with a glass of wine.

So, it’s the third week of Happy Hour – are you linking up with Ellie and I?? We hope so! I mean c’mon, how nice is it to start the week thinking about the things that are making you happy right now?!

1. Re-sale shops. I went through my closet, again today. The little snippet of fall weather yesterday got me all kinds of excited about fall clothes. {Not that I needed help there!} But, I figured there was no time like the present to go through everything. I have so many jackets, sweaters, and jeans I never, ever wear. I piled the good stuff into a laundry basket and took them down to Rag-o-Rama. {And then two trash bags of sweats, tshirts, and shorts went to Goodwill.} They took a decent amount and I got a lil $$ for them. It’s really a win-win. Some of the items I had only worn once or maybe never, so it doesn’t feel like such a waste when I can take them to a re-sale shop.

2. Getting dressed up. Last night was the Columbus Arts Ball – an event benefiting the Autism Society of Central Ohio; Amy had donated a puzzle piece and item for the silent auction. In turn, we got tickets to attend the event. It felt like prom all over again. Only better, much, much better. {Prom was too drama filled, right?!} Finding the perfect dress, doing my hair all pretty, wearing more makeup than normal, loud music, dancing, and lots of picture taking… It was a lot of fun. What girl doesn’t enjoy getting all dolled up for an evening?!


3. Phone calls. I talk to my Mom everyday on the phone. You’d be surprised how much we have to talk about even though we talked just 24 hours before. And what’s even better is when a little, blonde munchkin answers the phone with “I love you soooo much! What are you doing, Jackie?!” I’m kind of in love with that little one – she can seriously bring a smile to anyone’s face.

4. Old episodes of General Hospital being on Soapnet right now. I have watched this show since I was in the womb. However, I haven’t stayed up to date with it in the last few years. I’ll watch it here and there depending on what the cover of Soap Magazine entices of me with {more often than not it’s something to do with Sonny} – but usually lose interest shortly. But tonight, it’s a weeks worth of “Gold Medal Moments” – which means, reruns, from years ago… I know what I’m doing tonight!

5. Starting the week off with – Clean apartments. Grocery shopping done. Organized closets. Need I say more?

Ok – get movin’  – start making your happiness list and checking it twice… then link up! It’s easy – click on that little blue froggy guy at the bottom of this post and BOOM! all done!

Happy Monday, my little soap opera fans!!!

Happy Hour. {Aldean. Veggies. Fall.}

Whew – I feel like this weekend FLEW by! Anyone else?!

So… it’s Ellie and I’s second edition of Happy Hour – y’all ready to link up?? We are still working out some of the kinks with it {html and all that jazz – essentially the weekend disappeared and I failed to figure it out. #oops}

{{  <a href=””><img src=””/></a> }}

Grab that code – place it in your post and BOOM – there’s a fancy button. {Obviously not that fancy cause I haven’t made it the correct way yet. Ugh.}

1. Jason Aldean. No, I hadn’t intended on making it a trend that I have a sexy, country singer on my list every week… but – chances are, there will be. I’ve been listening to Jason for YEARS… but last night Amy and I went and saw him and Luke Bryan in concert! It was beyond good – shutting out the world and belting out every J.Aldean song makes me a very happy girl.

2. This weather. I wore a cardigan today… with a dress. And it felt amazing out this morning. It’s the little things, like stepping outside and not being choked by the humidity.

3. Veggie Chips or Veggie Tortilla Chips. I could eat the whole bag in one sitting – which totally negates the whole “being healthy” thing. So I probably shouldn’t – BUT I could.

4. Fall Fashion. I need it in my life right now. I’m ready to just purge everything I in my closet and start fresh? All of the Fall Fashion magazines have hit the stores – this is going to make me crazy. Do you love fall fashion too??

5. The gym. What is it about rocking out an hour of cardio that just makes everything seem better? It’s become such a stress reliever. I’ve always enjoyed working out – but getting back in the habit has definitely been good for my body and soul.

I lack focus today. I think my late night is beginning to get to me. I’m. So. Tired. I need the world’s biggest cup of coffee – or something.

Hope y’all are having a fantastic Monday and I hope you link up with Ellie and I. If not today, next week. Or tomorrow. The link party will be live for a bit.

A soap star or Jessica Simpson’s stylist.

Sunday Social

1. What is your dream job?
A Soap Opera star– seriously. No, I’ve never acted in my life. But I’ve always wanted to be on General Hospital. But… in reality… a celebrity stylist would be my dream job. Specifically Jessica Simpson’s stylist. {Quit judging me ;)}
2. If you had just won the lottery and didn’t need to work for money, what would you do with your time?
Volunteer at animal shelters. Travel. Spend time with friends and family. Blog more… and I’d shop, duh. I just won the lottery – you can’t expect me not to do the logical thing and shop my little bum off!
3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A singer. I wanted to be Mariah Carey – but, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket… so that dream didn’t last. Then I wanted to be a Vet – but realized I’d have a super hard time putting an animal to sleep. So I settled on Fashion. Anything in fashion – it’s my love.

4. What piece career advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field?

Kiss ass. But seriously, kiss serious ass. Build a mega backbone {because you’ll get your feelings hurt from time to time}. And work your ass off. Expect to not have a life beyond the fashion industry. But if you love it – it’s worth it. Intern, network, go above and beyond – it’ll pay off in the end.

5. Biggest Pet Peeves either in life or in blogging or at work

Hmm… biggest pet peeves….morning people? Okay, okay, not really… but sometimes they can be a little obnoxious. Slurping. People who chew with their mouth open.

6. Biggest Fears


Did you link up with Neely for Social Sunday??

Happy Sunday, Pumpkins!! Hope y’all are having a fabulous one! I’m off to read for a bit then head to the gym. #sundayfunday

Redneck Sunday. {and the rest of my weekend.}

Oh, I could do a 3 day weekend every weekend. Who’s with me??

And if you aren’t with me you should go to your doctor and get your head checked. 😉

I came down the country to spend my long weekend with the family. And it was so nice. Friday evening we ordered pizzas and just hung out – followed by beers around the fire with the other Shull boy. Saturday Mom, Leah and I went shopping for a little girls day. Scored a pair of running shoes I’ve been needing and Leah got to pick a couple of new dresses out because there were great sales everywhere! That evening was one of our best friends’ birthdays so Laura made dinner and we hung out and shot the shit all evening. Sunday, {which was my amazing parents’ 34th wedding anniversary – yea, 34… can you believe that?? They are what I want to be one day.}  Bubba and I spent it drinking in our little pool. We got pretty sun burnt, killed far too much beer, but had a blast just hanging out all day. Mom referred to us as rednecks… but whatever, I think she was just jealous – yea, they’re pretty lucky they were blessed with our classy asses for kids. 😉 Needless to say,  it was a refreshing weekend.

I’ll give the floor to instagram and let you see my weekend for yourself…

Dad and Leah reading. // Emmy being lazy. // Mom vacuuming under the couch while we all watch – fine, Friday night fun. 😉

Leah getting her workout on. // Saturday morning on the porch. // My new running shoes. // Austin sporting a very pretty apron.

New straightener Hollie gave me. // The results of my AMAZING new straightener. // Redneck paradise – just add beer and two very crispy siblings. // My “new to me” bag {luckily my cousin, Laura and I have the same taste in bags so we can just trade. #winning}. // The munchkin wearing Bubba’s ear thingys.

Side note – this straightener, seriously – so good. Hollie was SOOO sweet in giving it me, completely unexpectedly, my hair is uber curly and messy {as y’all know} and usually straighteners fry it, make it look super flat, or just don’t do anything good for my hair at all. Not the case with this one, at all. Her Styler products – I am now converted.

And that was my weekend. How was yours???

Happy Tuesday, Kittens!

p.s. Have you “liked” the blog on FB?! I’m thinking there will be a fun giveaway once I hit so many likes! So… what are you waiting for?! And do you follow me on Instagram {jacmaries} if you don’t… do it now. 😉

And then I walked into Target.

I finally settled on a planner – I had my eyes on this adorable one at Barnes & Noble, it had cute little elephants all over it. Totally me. {Because I love elephants, of course. Didn’t know that?! Welp, now ya do!}  But then while I was doing some random shopping at Heaven Target I found this pink planner with lots of lines to write all the things I want to keep track of and… it’s pink. And… it was right next to the new Sharpie pens *gasp* they don’t bleed thru the paper! I may or may not be on cloud 9 with these pens. A Sharpie that doesn’t bleed… dreams are coming true, people.

C’mon I’m not the only one in love with Sharpie’s, right?

Anyways – so planner, check! And stationary – I REALLY don’t need any. I have about a billion different notecard sets… I just need some way of organizing them. {And then hope I actually use them…} I’m still on the lookout for a new bag… I switched everything over to this green and tan bag for the time being {I’m convinced I won’t like it – but, I’m giving it a go… it is cute, just not entirely functional.} And I do actually need new running shoes. My current ones are hurting my tootsies when I workout… I think that’s reason enough to be on the lookout, no?

It’s a much prettier green in real life – not so much Kermit the Frog green.

Y’all, I really love this “it’s okay” link up… I like that page in Glamour magazine – always makes me feel better about life… So join me and link up with Neely and Amber!

Its Ok ThursdaysIt’s Ok…

to be reading more than one book at a time. I’m reading two… and looking for a third… I need a reallyyyyy good one.

to envy the girl at the gym with the super long ponytail – mine will get there one day.

to wear faux glasses – but only when it’s raining out. It’s hard to wear sunglasses with faux glasses…

to be craving fall fashion. Layers, boots, more options…

that on the same token, I’m never, ever gonna be ready for winter.

to wish you could fix everything for everyone. But realize that you can’t… and that all you can do is just hope for the best.

to have just worked your bum off at the gym and then come home and devour a cupcake – it evens out, right? p.s. it was a damn good cupcake at that – I don’t know who made them but holy deliciousness.

to be excited to get home this weekend and see everyone.

Happy Thursday, lovers!