Friday, I love…

I’m stealing this from Lauren Conrad’s site this morning.

Favorite Beauty Idea: Liquid eyeliner


Favorite Fall Fashion Trend: Printed skinnies



Favorite Fall Hair Trend: Bangs and big curls {duh! Cause I just got them!}


Favorite Adorables: Kitties. {Wonder if I could get Tric to do this?! Hmmmm…}


Favorite Hobby {right now}: Cooking!!


Favorite Fall Show: Sons of Anarchy


What are your Friday favorites?!


Show & Tell Monday… {a little break from the monotony…}

Happy Labor Day, kids! Are you enjoying this lovely day off??? I am… I slept in {till 9… that’s sleeping in in my world these days. Ugh} and I plan on doing some laundry, watch TV, blog… nothing too crazy. I thought I’d take a little break from Happy Hour Monday… and join in Show & Tell with From Mrs. to Mama.

1. What am I looking forward to this fall?
Chai latte’s. Warm colors. Leaves falling. Cool mornings. Scarves. The decrease in humidity – the ability to wear my hair straight again. The thought of the Holiday season.
2. What’s my fall style? 
Boots! I love them… I have quite the collection and I’m really looking forward to adding more to it. I wear them with everything in fall. I love cozy sweaters, leggings, layers, textures, scarves… I think it’s all about looking chic and comfy. That is the definition of fall style in my book. 😉
3. What are my favorite things to do in fall?
Haunted houses. I’m nuts, I know. But seriously, they are so fun! Ohio is absolutely beautiful in the fall… there’s nothing like a drive though the country to make you love an Ohio fall day. I wish I could say I love football Saturday’s… but honestly guys, I’m not a huge fan. But…I’ll participate in the festivities given that there’s an ice cold Bud Light in front of me. 😉
4. My favorite fall beverage?
Chai tea latte… or a soy caramel mocha. I’m not a huge pumpkin in my coffee kind of girl… *gasp* the horror, right?! 😉

So this isn’t either of the two I talked about above… but I’m pretending it’s fall like today with some cinnamon coffee. 😉

5. How will I be participating in Halloween this year?
My dear friend, Amy has a Halloween party… every year. It’s her favorite holiday… she’s probably plotting her costume as we speak. Usually, I’m not a Halloween fan. Never have been… but last year I dressed up as a vampire {no, not because I’m a diehard Twilight fan} but because it sounded fun. And it was… I loved that costume, which may or may not be my costume again this year… with some tweaks. 😉
Hope y’all have fantastic day… whether you are working or not. I’m off to enjoy some One Tree Hill, check the dinner I threw into the crockpot {fingers crossed it turns out right}, and enjoy this day of nothingness.