{Pinteresting} Making a comeback…

Sometimes I get bored when I do something over and over again – I think I can equate that to undiagnosed ADD. So I stopped doing my Pinteresting Tuesday posts. I kinda stopped blogging. AND playing on Pinterest for a bit. Butttttttttt… it’s baaack!

Try to contain your excitement, guys. I know… you’re on the edge of your seat right now.

There isn’t a theme this week… just a hodpodge of things I’ve found pin worthy.

So, I mentioned yesterday about my “Morning Person Wannabe” thing – well, this, I think I could do…

I was inspired by this recipe and concocted something similar last week – it was DELICIOUS!!!! Recipe to be posted soon!

I think this is another good reminder. To be content where you are and to make the most of your life even if there are things you want to change… eventually.

I need to do this to my nails.

Loving this color palette. L.O.V.I.N.G.

See, I told you it was a bit random. Kinda my theme of the week apparently. Do you follow me on pinterest? No? You should… jacmaries.

Happy Tuesday, kittens!


Monday morning thoughts.

Some days, I just don’t have much to say. I think this sums it up.

Hope y’all have a wonderful Monday.

Pinteresting. {Sweet Summertime}

Ocean waves...

I imagine drinking these {blackberry mojitos} while being at the beach with my bests.

Best friends - I love this.

Serious motivation.

Being sweet. And silly. And in the moment.

Summer reminds us all to live a little more. Adventure a little more.

The beginning of May is always the first taste of summer… you begin to think of your summer plans and find this motivation that lies dormant for the other 8 months of the year. I love it. {It’s also my birthday month so I REALLY love it!} I’m looking forward to cookouts, bonfires, drinks on the patios, weekend getaways, relaxing in the sun, and just enjoying life this summer.

What are you looking forward to?

Check out my lovely friend, Beth’s blog and see what’s inspiring her.

Happy Tuesday, again. 😉


She sees the world through coral lenses… {Pinteresting Tuesday}

I need these pants.

I'm intrigued. Mint, blood orange, whiskey sour.

Coral. Coral. Coral. Do not be surprised if I sport something similar very, very soon.

Matte. Coral. Stripes.

Beyond true.

Coral and Orange.

Great use of a small place... and I adore the coral/blue room.

Words I try to live by.

Coral. I absolutely adore this color. It’s timeless.

Happy Tuesday, sweets. Don’t forget to stop over and see what my sweet friend, Beth in pinning this week!

Pinteresting. {Inspired by Watermelons.}

Who doesn’t love these colors? I didn’t realize how much I loved them until I kept finding myself drawn to this color combination. I think it’s very fresh, classic, and so versatile. There are several shades of pink and green and I think that’s what makes them so fun to put together. You can go very muted with a mauve{esque} pink and an olive green {like my bedding} to vibrant neon pink and green {like my nails}. I’m feeling so inspired to use these colors in various projects right now. Apparently, I just can’t get enough of them.

And I must give credit where credit is due – I may not love pink and green as much if it weren’t for my favorite fruit in the universe. The watermelon. Let’s pay homage, folks.

Do you have a color combination you gravitate to more so than others?

Happy Tuesday, Cupcakes!

Don’t forget to head to Beth’s bloggity blog and see what has been inspiring her this week!


A penny for your thoughts…

Last night I finally managed to get out and run {it’s cold – I don’t know why I chose last night} however, it did feel good to get out there. And by run I mean it was kinda a run/walk… hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Andd… I attempted to make yum yum sauce with hibachi chicken and veggies for dinner. {ya know, the stuff at all those delicious Japanese restaurants} Guess what? I rocked it. I’ll probably be sharing the recipe on this little guy soon – whenever I get around to making it again and taking actual pictures. {So, it may be a minute!}

Tonight I’m having a catch up dinner with an old high school friend, and I’m definitely looking forward to that. It’s nice when you can remain friends with someone who’s known you since you were just a lil munchkin. And known you through all your bitchy phases, I’m guessing anyhow… I wouldn’t know anything about being a bratty teenager. Angel right here. Duh. 😉

Happy Thursday, Chickies!

Pinteresting. {A day late and a dollar short.}

Nope… my title has NOTHING to do with what I found pinteresting this week… just popped in my head. And I went with it.

The colorblocking inspires me.

I want to try this - a coconut oil hair treatment.

I adore their style, their hair, and well... I kinda wish I had their lives. 😉


Messy hair. I love it.

This. Color.

I love this.

So that’s my random weekly round up.

Now, go check out Nerd Girl Style 101 with Beth today. She pinned soo many cute things, I love her theme this week!

Happy hump day, kittens!

Pinteresting. {Easter Sunday.}

Hello Easter Sunday, {well, it’s not quite Easter Sunday… BUT it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear.} I always imagine Easter dresses to be very prim and proper – and I realize most ladies {unless you are a child} don’t really wear or think about Easter dresses, but I look forward to any occasion to dress girlie. These dresses are all from ModCloth and I then pinned them onto my Style board on Pinterest. They all have a very similar feel – floral, girlie, classy, but simple. And I like that.

Want to see what I’m wearing on Easter Sunday?

Too bad, you’ll have to wait for the photos, kids! 🙂

And, we can’t forget the accessories – this is where you can choose to make the dress a little more funky, classy, subdued… the sky is really the limit!

Here are my favorites…

I mean, how adorable is that little bunny ring?!

Are you getting all fancy schmancy for Easter??

Don’t forget to visit my lovely friend, Beth and see what she found pinteresting for Easter!

Happy Tuesday, kittens!

Pinteresting. {A short story.}

I love the coral, white, and slate combination. Very fresh.

Blazers with shorts. I love it.

No words needed. Pink. Comfort.



It’s become summer around these parts. {Well, not today.} And it has got me thinking about shorts and how to update my closet with what I have. I have several pairs of shorts – I just never think about wearing them with anything other than a tank or easy tshirt. I LOVEE these looks with shorts.

What’s your favorite thing to wear with shorts?

Don’t forget to pop over to Beth’s blog and see what she’s pinning these days!

Happy Tuesday!

Pinteresting. {Sewing.}

Vintage sewing machines make my heart go pitter-patter. If my place was bigger I'd own several... but alas, it's not. So until then I'll oogle over them on Pinterest.

This is on the top of my "to-sew" list. Just trying to find what fabric I want to use.

And this clutch... yes, please. It'd be the perfect thing to just throw in my bag and go. This is next on the "to-sew" list... maybe first... just as a quick little project.

This could be good for a shorty like me who can never find maxi skirts in the right lengh.

How cute would this be?? Plus, Caroline is like a little sewing genius.

Moral of the story… I have this serious itch to sew and I plan of scratching it over the course of the next couple weeks. Sewing is one of the best stress relievers and one of my very favorite things to do. I’m finding my inspiration again… thank goodness. One of these days Jess and I are going to have a sewing day… and I can’t wait! She and I tweet to each other almost daily about all the things we want to make. #sewingbuddies

Don’t forget to pop over to my dear friend, Beth‘s bloggity blog and see what she’s pinning these days!

Happy Tuesday chicadees and chicadudes! 😉

p.s. if you click on any of the pictures it’ll take you to the tutorials instead of pinterest.