Hot Tea and Happiness.



When I saw this little graphic is made me happy. Who doesn’t love catching up over a cup of hot tea?

Happiness is…

a quiet night of cuddling up on the couch and watching TV.

knowing that the political commercials, ads, mailers, etc. will cease to exist after yesterday.

a sweet little “meow” when I wake up in the morning and someone’s waiting on me to open my eyes. {ok, sometimes this airs on the side of annoyance. sometimes.}

a phone call with my brother that begins with “Talk to me, goose…” and ends with “…get green label. It’s not a cheap crap kind of weekend.” We’re special.

knowing that the baby shower honoree’s are actually excited about the shower we are throwing this weekend. Can’t. Wait.

a new workout inspiration. Thank you Missy and Nikki. I began Couch to 5k {again} tonight.

a new episode of Nashville tonight. Obsessed. But, again, we all know this.

walking into my apartment and smelling dinner that I put in the crockpot this morning. Chicken tacos get in my belly!

Starbursts. Thank you, Amy, for bringing them into work. I know they were for the bucket of candy for the kids… but… I just can’t help myself.

knowing that this weekend I’ll get to see so many old friends and family.

What happiness is not…

the sole of my riding boots breaking today. I almost cried. Super glue?


What is happiness to you??

Happy hump day, kittens!





About the leopard print…

Naturally, I watched the CMA’s last night {if you didn’t know that I LOVE country music… you do now} and to my Twitter followers, I apologize… I just had to live tweet my thoughts on the event. It happens… and my friend Ellie, she wrote her commentary out in a blog post… CRACKED. ME. UP. {Go read it now… then come back…}

Now, a few of my thoughts… Where was Kip Moore?? I need Carrie Underwood’s leg workout. NEED. Jason Aldean will always, always, always be my favorite. Country musicians are just sexy. Period. All of them… Luke, Jake, Jason, Erin, Jana, Carrie… seriously, share that with us, please. The Willie Nelson tribute was fantastic. Tim and Kenny are getting old. Was Faith wearing braces? The Zac Brown Band is amazing.  And sorry, Taylor… I still am not a huge fan.

And… I need to go to the CMA’s next year.

On another note –

I’m rocking some leopard leggings today {I got them a couple of months ago but hadn’t decided on them yet…}


What do you think? Yay? Nay? I love leopard. as much as I love country music – and that’s a lot. 

What are you up to this weekend?

Happy Friday, little Cheetahs!

I haven’t given into the T. Swift craze.

Its Ok Thursdays


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve linked up for “It’s ok” Thursday… and in loo of trying to keep myself blogging… I thought I’d make it a comeback.

It’s ok…

to get completely frustrated with your computer because your webcam isn’t working. I really wanted to post a vlog… but alas, it won’t allow it.

to watch Friends, at least once… every. single. day. {I’m watching it as we speak…}

to have cereal and wine for dinner. Some nights I just don’t feel like cooking. And really want a glass of wine.

to be looking forward the election being over so I don’t hear the commercials everywhere. All the time. Even on Pandora?!

to have opted against wearing makeup all week for a few more minutes in my warm bed.

to be in love with Deacon on Nashville… and? He’s 47… he looks damn good for 47. #yum

to have not given into the Taylor Swift “Red” craze… yet.

to have already worn my fur vest like 5 times already this fall. #obsessed

See, obsessed.


Happy Thursday, chica’s!


I hope… {Happy Halloween}


that you haven’t stopped caring about this little ole blog.

that you aren’t annoyed too much that I go through periodic moments of MIA{ness}.

that you take a moment to be grateful for what you have in the wake of this crazy hurricane that blasted the East Coast.

that you got to enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate this morning. {I’m still working on mine… and it’s no longer warm. #fail}

that it warms up a little bit around here… I was enjoying fall… and I’m not quite ready for winter yet.

that Harper comes soon {but not sooner than she should!} because I can’t wait to meet her.

that the reading glasses I recently purchased help – and that I don’t actually need glasses.

that Nashville doesn’t get cancelled – I’m in love with that show… anyone else???

that I actually get back into the swing of things. Like now. I missed blogging.

that y’all have a fantastic Halloween… stay safe, stay warm, and eat lots of candy! {Oh! And watch some scary movies… }

Halloween ’12 – my best costume. Vampire.


Halloween ’10 – please note how thrilled he looks. #crazycatlady


Halloween ’09 – I was a cowgirl. So not original.

Happy Halloween, pumpkins!

Friday, I love…

I’m stealing this from Lauren Conrad’s site this morning.

Favorite Beauty Idea: Liquid eyeliner


Favorite Fall Fashion Trend: Printed skinnies



Favorite Fall Hair Trend: Bangs and big curls {duh! Cause I just got them!}


Favorite Adorables: Kitties. {Wonder if I could get Tric to do this?! Hmmmm…}


Favorite Hobby {right now}: Cooking!!


Favorite Fall Show: Sons of Anarchy


What are your Friday favorites?!

Be grateful.

I know – it’s been a minute since I’ve actually been good at blogging.

Shit Life happens.

But Thankful Thursday is floating around in blog world today and I thought it was a good time to make an appearance. 😉

One of my sweet, sweet friends is dealing with something pretty huge right now. And I’m trying desperately to be there for her as much as I can – but it’s made me take a step back and look at life a little differently.

Life is fleeting.

So today {and everyday} I’m deeply thankful for the people in my life. For my family, my friends, for the core people that I have. Yes, I’ve mentioned it a time or hundred on here before but I don’t think you can ever be too thankful for those people.

You can never enjoy those little moments, too much.

I have been blessed with some of those most extraordinary people, however, I think sometimes we get so caught up in “life” that we forget to say “thank you” or “i love you” or to just bask in the simple, silly moments.

Like I said, life is fleeting – be thankful for those you have.

God knows, I am. 

I’m linking up with Mustache Mama for a Coffee Date and Thankful Thursday. And sadly, I just finished my first cup of coffee – I think I’ll have to refill after lunch. Y’all, I’m seriously addicted to hazelnut coffee… this morning I have caramel vanilla creamer in it… YUMMMMM! What are you thankful for? What kind of coffee are you enjoying this morning?

Have a good one, loves.

I believe in…

Linking up with Erin, duh. 


I believe in following a strict schedule of watching Friends re-runs. 11pm. Every night. Nick@Nite.

I believe in fresh, country air. It’s good for the soul.

I believe in the want to sleep in… but I never sleep in past 830.

I believe in working out. It makes a person a little happier… cause lets face it, endorphin’s make people happy, and happy people just don’t kill their husbands. 😉

I believe in being silly. As often as possible.

I believe in tea, hazelnut coffee, and whiskey.


I believe in the importance of family. And friends that are like family. Where would we be without them?

I believe in “Thank You’s” “Good Morning’s” and “I’m Sorry’s” – it’s the little things that we need to hear the most.

I believe in taking the time to give yourself a proper manicure. Weekly.


I believe in reading. Books are the best therapy.


I believe in singing at the top of my lungs. Whenever I can.

I believe in leopard print, cowboy boots, and big, messy hair.

I believe in forgiveness.

I believe in letting people choose their own paths.

I believe in kitty cuddle time.

I believe in screwing up – most of the time, that’s the only way any of us will ever learn.

I believe in sleep… which is where I’m off to. {Actually, I’m off to watch Friends. Don’t act like you aren’t watching it too… Ohh Janice and Chandler. *sniff*}

Are you linking up with Erin at Living in Yellow?? You should. It’s a pretty kickassbum  link up!

Happy Thursday, lovelies. 

p.s. I know I’ve sucked at blogging lately. I apologize. But sometimes, it happens. Don’t hate, yo?!


Currently… {round 2}

Reading: Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. I recently finished her book Love the One You’re With and loved it. I hadn’t read anything by her before and can’t believe it’s taken me this long.

Watching: Saved by the Bell… on MTV2. I’d say that’s a pretty good end to a Labor Day weekend. This show will always, always, always be one of my most favorites. I hope to torture my kids with it one day. #bigdreams

Anticipating: Fall. I’m seriously so over summer. I want to take my AC out of my window. I want to feel cool morning breezes. I want to wear a scarf and boots because it’s actually chilly outside.

Boots… I’m ready for you!!

Listening to: A fan blowing and the very beginning of Sweet Home Alabama.

Eating: this very second. Nothing… my belly is full and happy. I threw some chicken breasts in the crockpot this morning with a jar of salsa, a packet of taco seasoning and about 1/2 cup of water. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do with it… but this evening I made it into a delicious Taco casserole. Crunched up tortilla chips, shredded chicken, cheese, topped with lettuce and all the normal taco fixin’s… it. was. tasty. Definitely going into our rotation of meals.

Working on: bettering my blog. I feel like I’m constantly working on it… but I’m so not satisfied with it yet.

Wishing: That tomorrow was still the weekend… I’ve enjoyed the nothingness I’ve done the past two days…

Well, happy Tuesday, sweet peas. Hope it’s a good one!!

Show & Tell Monday… {a little break from the monotony…}

Happy Labor Day, kids! Are you enjoying this lovely day off??? I am… I slept in {till 9… that’s sleeping in in my world these days. Ugh} and I plan on doing some laundry, watch TV, blog… nothing too crazy. I thought I’d take a little break from Happy Hour Monday… and join in Show & Tell with From Mrs. to Mama.

1. What am I looking forward to this fall?
Chai latte’s. Warm colors. Leaves falling. Cool mornings. Scarves. The decrease in humidity – the ability to wear my hair straight again. The thought of the Holiday season.
2. What’s my fall style? 
Boots! I love them… I have quite the collection and I’m really looking forward to adding more to it. I wear them with everything in fall. I love cozy sweaters, leggings, layers, textures, scarves… I think it’s all about looking chic and comfy. That is the definition of fall style in my book. 😉
3. What are my favorite things to do in fall?
Haunted houses. I’m nuts, I know. But seriously, they are so fun! Ohio is absolutely beautiful in the fall… there’s nothing like a drive though the country to make you love an Ohio fall day. I wish I could say I love football Saturday’s… but honestly guys, I’m not a huge fan. But…I’ll participate in the festivities given that there’s an ice cold Bud Light in front of me. 😉
4. My favorite fall beverage?
Chai tea latte… or a soy caramel mocha. I’m not a huge pumpkin in my coffee kind of girl… *gasp* the horror, right?! 😉

So this isn’t either of the two I talked about above… but I’m pretending it’s fall like today with some cinnamon coffee. 😉

5. How will I be participating in Halloween this year?
My dear friend, Amy has a Halloween party… every year. It’s her favorite holiday… she’s probably plotting her costume as we speak. Usually, I’m not a Halloween fan. Never have been… but last year I dressed up as a vampire {no, not because I’m a diehard Twilight fan} but because it sounded fun. And it was… I loved that costume, which may or may not be my costume again this year… with some tweaks. 😉
Hope y’all have fantastic day… whether you are working or not. I’m off to enjoy some One Tree Hill, check the dinner I threw into the crockpot {fingers crossed it turns out right}, and enjoy this day of nothingness.

The Blonde Life. {It gets messy…}

It gets a little messy from here on out… I’d grab that glass of wine. Lord knows I am. Did you read the beginning of L and I??? If not… go here first.

I had gone away on a little vacation shortly after everything happened. It was a needed vacation. Very needed. While I was away L and I talked a couple of times he was telling me how he was trying to work through everything and didn’t want me to forget about him… we’d be ok.

I wanted us to be ok.

Looking back, I should have shut the book then… 

I returned from my trip ready for whatever was going to happen. I had had the chance to clear my head and felt stronger. L and I were meeting for pizza and beer, at our favorite spot to talk through things. I couldn’t wait. It had been a couple weeks since I had seen him and I missed him. {This was very unusual behavior for me… I’m not typically the fall hard and fast kind of girl.}

We talked and decided we would work on things together. A few days later I received a text message from a good friend of his. It read “Be careful with L. He isn’t what he seems… he may have shit to deal with. But he’s also being very shady to you. {i.e. he was cheating}” I was dumbfounded. Wasn’t expecting this, at all. And honestly, I didn’t know if I believed it. Well, I didn’t want to.

If I’m dating someone, actually care about a guy to the point of calling him my boyfriend… I trust him. I have chosen to place my trust in him… not his friends. So until he has proven me wrong… I choose to believe him. Foolish? Maybe. But sometimes that’s the only way to not get lost in the drama.

Of course, I asked him about it though. I didn’t accuse him. I just asked. He very casually denied it, said she was jealous {age old excuse, right?} and brushed it aside. We moved beyond that moment. But it always lingered in the back of my mind. But I cared about him, so I wanted desperately to believe that he was telling the truth.

The following week I was off of work, I ended up spending most of my week with him. Late nights out, sleeping in, being lazy, enjoying each other’s company…

But… the pieces of this puzzle that you don’t know yet… I was giving up my world… for his. I was never the party every night girl. Yea, I like to drink, I like to have a good time… but not until the sun rose. Not every night. Not wasting away the days sleeping. It was a lifestyle I wasn’t accustomed too – but I was slipping down this slope, quickly. I felt it happening, but in the moment, at those times… it felt right. I was hanging out with people I typically wouldn’t have. But I was blinded by my feelings for him. Absolutely, 100% blinded. 

At the end of this week he had received a phone call from a potential employer. Offering him a job. This should have been great news, right? Not so much… this job was in Texas. And if he were to accept it he’d need to leave within the next couple of days. Wait, what?! We had finally gotten things put back together… now to be ripped apart, again? The elements were not in our favor…

I should have paid attention to those signs. 

I remember telling him that we would make it work no matter what he decided to do… and he wanted that too. But Texas was a really good opportunity for him so in the end, he decided to take it. I was upset, of course. I didn’t want him to leave me… not when we were okay again. But he did…

And I didn’t hear from him for days.

Once I finally got a hold of him, he claimed he was getting settled in and was too busy to talk. {Too busy to simply text your girlfriend back saying that you made it across the country??? Rightttt. I see...} I was pissed angry now. The little pieces of things I kept hearing were adding up, they were consuming me… and as the icing on the cake – a mutual friend of ours told me that the same girl he had been accused of cheating on me with, went with him to TX to help him unpack?! How does that even happen??

Being in a relationship where it’s an endless cycle of emotion – of questioning every moment – of lies and betrayal… it’s exhausting. I was exhausted. But I had also fallen in love in that short time. There was something about L that I just couldn’t shake. I wanted to believe that in the end, we’d work through things… usually, I have a low bullshit meter. I think throughout this relationship – someone must of secretly stolen my bullshit meter and was having a jolly good time watching me struggle through this. 

And this is only the beginning of the longest end of my life

My love affair with whiskey began during this relationship… if you haven’t figured out why, yet. You will soon.

Happy Friday, sweet peas. I hope you have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!