You missed your train…


I think that’s the funny thing about life… you spend all this time wishing and hoping for this, that, or the other – thinking that eventually it’ll work out. Whatever it may be; a job, a relationship, a friendship, a new pair of shoes… anything. And then suddenly it passes you by… I don’t entirely believe in the “What’s meant to be will always find it’s way…” notion, however, I do believe that we are given, OR aren’t given certain things for a reason. And I think most of the time it’s just a reminder to stop always looking ahead {yes, we all want a full, amazing future} but to live in the now… enjoy the your time at the train station. Never know what may come of it…


We’ve made it to Wednesday – and quite quickly I might add. Make it a good one, kids.


Redneck Sunday. {and the rest of my weekend.}

Oh, I could do a 3 day weekend every weekend. Who’s with me??

And if you aren’t with me you should go to your doctor and get your head checked. 😉

I came down the country to spend my long weekend with the family. And it was so nice. Friday evening we ordered pizzas and just hung out – followed by beers around the fire with the other Shull boy. Saturday Mom, Leah and I went shopping for a little girls day. Scored a pair of running shoes I’ve been needing and Leah got to pick a couple of new dresses out because there were great sales everywhere! That evening was one of our best friends’ birthdays so Laura made dinner and we hung out and shot the shit all evening. Sunday, {which was my amazing parents’ 34th wedding anniversary – yea, 34… can you believe that?? They are what I want to be one day.}  Bubba and I spent it drinking in our little pool. We got pretty sun burnt, killed far too much beer, but had a blast just hanging out all day. Mom referred to us as rednecks… but whatever, I think she was just jealous – yea, they’re pretty lucky they were blessed with our classy asses for kids. 😉 Needless to say,  it was a refreshing weekend.

I’ll give the floor to instagram and let you see my weekend for yourself…

Dad and Leah reading. // Emmy being lazy. // Mom vacuuming under the couch while we all watch – fine, Friday night fun. 😉

Leah getting her workout on. // Saturday morning on the porch. // My new running shoes. // Austin sporting a very pretty apron.

New straightener Hollie gave me. // The results of my AMAZING new straightener. // Redneck paradise – just add beer and two very crispy siblings. // My “new to me” bag {luckily my cousin, Laura and I have the same taste in bags so we can just trade. #winning}. // The munchkin wearing Bubba’s ear thingys.

Side note – this straightener, seriously – so good. Hollie was SOOO sweet in giving it me, completely unexpectedly, my hair is uber curly and messy {as y’all know} and usually straighteners fry it, make it look super flat, or just don’t do anything good for my hair at all. Not the case with this one, at all. Her Styler products – I am now converted.

And that was my weekend. How was yours???

Happy Tuesday, Kittens!

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Rain is a good thing.


I think this is a good reminder.

It’s a rainy, dreary Friday {in Ohio, anyways} but we will take it. We need the rain. After work today I’m heading home for the weekend… and I can’t wait! I haven’t been home since Memorial Day {and that’s a long time for me!}.

Hope y’all have a fantastic weekend!!



I’ve been thinking…

I’ve been doing some thinking lately – of things I want to do… some simple, some complex… but nonetheless they’re goals that I want to achieve.

  • Sending more snail mail – I think there’s something to be said for opening your mailbox and having something you are actually excited about. And c’mon, there’s some seriously cute stationary out there. Penpals, anyone?
  • Create a better budget – using Mint effectively so I can stay on track and get things paid off – it’s a very handy tool. And make a list of a couple things I want to splurge on for the month – to reduce impulse purchases. This month: running shoes, a new bag, pretty stationary to achieve above goal, and a good planner. {but more on those later ;)} I think this will help curb my buying just to buy thing. Like workout clothes – I convince myself that I need new, but in reality, once I cleaned out my drawers, I really have plenty.
  • Make my blog pretty. I want a more “me” design. Anyone wanna help a girl out???
  • Get back to the gym – my goal is to get to the gym 4 days a week, a day or two of yoga by way of Jillian Michaels and my living room, and a day off. I’m not going to go hardcore thinking I’ll make it to the gym everyday – that’s just asking for failure.
  • Set up “date” nights with some of my friends that I rarely see because “life just gets too crazy” – I think it’s important to slow down and grab some coffee, ice cream, or a beer with some of your dearest friends. And I need to get better at it.
  • Write. I used to write a lot – like actual writing in a paper journal – I miss that. It’s so therapeutic to me. Sewing and writing are my therapies. They both allow me to clear my head, but in two very different ways. I need to get back to them.

What are some of your goals? How do you stay motivated and focused??

Want to be penpals??? 😉

Happy Tuesday, dolls! Hope it rocks your socks off – if you have socks on – which would be weird – cause it’s hotter than the sun around here lately. 😉

Wednesday Thoughts. {why I love my friends.}

This is why I love my friends. They’re the best. Seriously, y’all should be jealous. 😉

Happy hump day, people!

p.s. I leave for NC tomorrow and I’m SOOOOOOOOOO excited to be reunited with one of my favorite places. Don’t fret, I have some fabulous ladies guest posting on here so stay tuned 😉

Good Intentions.

I have massively failed at blogging this month – it’s been an uber busy month {I CAN NOT believe it’s almost over} and I’ve been crazily uninspired – and there’s nothing worse than that feeling. I hate it. But I’m promising right now to change that. I’m spending my day working on getting this little blog organized {thank you, Allie and your fabulous ideas!} and back in working order.

So stay on the look out – I promise June will be a MUCH better month around Messy Hair and Cowboy Boot-land. 😉

Hope y’all had a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

Pinteresting. {Sweet Summertime}

Ocean waves...

I imagine drinking these {blackberry mojitos} while being at the beach with my bests.

Best friends - I love this.

Serious motivation.

Being sweet. And silly. And in the moment.

Summer reminds us all to live a little more. Adventure a little more.

The beginning of May is always the first taste of summer… you begin to think of your summer plans and find this motivation that lies dormant for the other 8 months of the year. I love it. {It’s also my birthday month so I REALLY love it!} I’m looking forward to cookouts, bonfires, drinks on the patios, weekend getaways, relaxing in the sun, and just enjoying life this summer.

What are you looking forward to?

Check out my lovely friend, Beth’s blog and see what’s inspiring her.

Happy Tuesday, again. 😉


She sees the world through coral lenses… {Pinteresting Tuesday}

I need these pants.

I'm intrigued. Mint, blood orange, whiskey sour.

Coral. Coral. Coral. Do not be surprised if I sport something similar very, very soon.

Matte. Coral. Stripes.

Beyond true.

Coral and Orange.

Great use of a small place... and I adore the coral/blue room.

Words I try to live by.

Coral. I absolutely adore this color. It’s timeless.

Happy Tuesday, sweets. Don’t forget to stop over and see what my sweet friend, Beth in pinning this week!

Pinteresting. {Inspired by Watermelons.}

Who doesn’t love these colors? I didn’t realize how much I loved them until I kept finding myself drawn to this color combination. I think it’s very fresh, classic, and so versatile. There are several shades of pink and green and I think that’s what makes them so fun to put together. You can go very muted with a mauve{esque} pink and an olive green {like my bedding} to vibrant neon pink and green {like my nails}. I’m feeling so inspired to use these colors in various projects right now. Apparently, I just can’t get enough of them.

And I must give credit where credit is due – I may not love pink and green as much if it weren’t for my favorite fruit in the universe. The watermelon. Let’s pay homage, folks.

Do you have a color combination you gravitate to more so than others?

Happy Tuesday, Cupcakes!

Don’t forget to head to Beth’s bloggity blog and see what has been inspiring her this week!


A penny for your thoughts…

Last night I finally managed to get out and run {it’s cold – I don’t know why I chose last night} however, it did feel good to get out there. And by run I mean it was kinda a run/walk… hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Andd… I attempted to make yum yum sauce with hibachi chicken and veggies for dinner. {ya know, the stuff at all those delicious Japanese restaurants} Guess what? I rocked it. I’ll probably be sharing the recipe on this little guy soon – whenever I get around to making it again and taking actual pictures. {So, it may be a minute!}

Tonight I’m having a catch up dinner with an old high school friend, and I’m definitely looking forward to that. It’s nice when you can remain friends with someone who’s known you since you were just a lil munchkin. And known you through all your bitchy phases, I’m guessing anyhow… I wouldn’t know anything about being a bratty teenager. Angel right here. Duh. 😉

Happy Thursday, Chickies!