Meet {Jac}

The face behind the words. I’m Jac to those closest to me. Jackie to acquaintances {and those who refuse to call me Jac}. Jacqueline when I’m in trouble. And Jacmaries to my twitter friends.

I’m a small town girl trying to make it in a big time world. I was born and raised a country girl and I own that to the depths of my soul.

I adore my friends and family and feel so blessed to have them in my life. They are my rocks.

I work at an associate/assistant photographer to an amazing local photographer {Amy Clark Studios} and am completely enjoying embarking on this new aspect of creativity.

Fashion is my world.

My creativity gets the best of me all the time. I’m constantly thinking of things to make, how to make things pretty, what I can do to make something better. I dream in color. Bright, vivid color. All. The. Time.

My hair is always a mess.

And I’m obsessed with cowboy boots.

Welcome kittens… to my blog about me, my life, my fashion, my hope, my dreams, and most importantly…my random thoughts. 😉 Oh, and you’ll probably see pictures of this guy from time to time…

Tric. My favorite furball in the world.


5 thoughts on “Meet {Jac}

  1. Newest follower 🙂
    Clicked on your photography site, the pictures are amazing!! May be contacting you in the future for pics!
    I’m in Columbus too but my heart is in the country ❤

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