Nostalgia. {And a review…}

It’s funny. Last week was the start week for OSU and I drive through campus every day on my way to and from work. Normally it isn’t a big a deal, the traffic isn’t crazy, it’s quick, but last week… it was move in time. And I wasn’t smart enough to find an alternate route home. So, I sat… and sat… and sat… in traffic for far longer than anyone ever should when only travelling two miles.

It took me about 30 minutes to get home that day. To say I was slightly annoyed was an understatement. However, the longer I sat the more I just watched the students who seemed so alive with the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready for college.

And I remembered those days, 12 years ago – I. am. old. where I was so excited to get back to school and back into my routine of things. Excited for the fresh new school supplies, the new list of classes that semester by semester were becoming all fashion classes, excited for the new opportunities that the year held for me, heck, I was even excited for new books – guys, fashion books are actually very interesting {most of them}. There I sat, at a light on High St. lost in the nostalgia of years past.

When you sit and look back at life all those years ago… it’s almost hard to remember that that was my life. It seems like a foreign world. My damn do I miss it.

Ironically, a couple of days after my college nostalgia moments, I was contacted by a company that sells rents textbooks. Wait, what?! I wish this had been an option when I was in school – renting books instead of dropping a small fortune on them TWICE a year. However, she wanted me to do a full review of their website. So I thought, why not? I went to school once, I know how things should work – or how I’d want them to work these days.


So I set off to the land of Campus Book Rentals ready to pretend I was back in college in desperate need of my fashion text books.

I logged into BGSU, found the list of senior AMPD classes and snagged the list of books needed.  A few things about fashion textbooks – they become out of date almost immediately, as fashion and the economy is always changing, and finding them used is usually impossible because of that.


I logged onto BGSU’s Bookstore and pulled up the prices for each… If I were to purchase them all used it would cost me about $390. If they were purchased new it would cost me around $600. This didn’t shock me at all. I always spent about $500 a semester on those books. That’s not including the supplies and all that jazz. However, what did shock me was when I went over to Campus Book Rentals and checked their prices. Like anyone, I was a skeptic. But, I watched the video on their homepage explaining how the entire system works…

Easy, peezy, lemon, squeezy, right? Right! {It seriously is that easy!} You can choose the length of time you need the book, you can write in the book, highlight, treat it as your own {just don’t let the dog get it – I don’t think they’d accept that back!}. The books come to you ASAP – some even have FREE shipping. AND they come with a postage paid envelope to send them back in.

Seriously, why didn’t this exist back in the day?! I’d have loved this!!!! And saved soooooo much money. 

Oh, so I suppose you’re wondering how much it would be for me to rent those 5 books above… ready for this? It would only cost me $190 to rent all of those books for the entire semester. That is saving me at least $200… and to a college student {er, parent} $200 is quite a chunk of change.

And I forgot to mention that a portion of every book rental goes to Operation Smile. This organization provides children with cleft palettes the proper funding to get the surgeries they need that their families could never afford otherwise.

So the point here is… If you are a college student, I would seriously check out this website because it could potentially save you lots of moola. And who doesn’t love that these days?! Head over to their site {there will be a button on my sidebar soon} and check it out yourself, if you are in need of textbooks this may be a good place to go to save yourself a little cash… Hey, you could get a new pair of shoes, a cart full of groceries, or a few weeks of gas with that money.

Disclaimer: These thoughts and opinions are mine and mine only. 

So how’s that for a long winded post… are you still here?!? I hope so… cause guess what – tomorrow’s Friday. And do you know what Friday is? The Blonde Life… yup… it’s time we get into the nitty gritty of L and I. Get that wine, ladies.

I’ll have whiskey, don’t worry.

Happy Thursday, dolls!



2 thoughts on “Nostalgia. {And a review…}

  1. Ahh before I even started reading the entire post, I noticed OSU and BGSU. I’m from Ohio, too! I just graduated from UC and now I’m attending BGSU online for my Masters program! 🙂 CBR was utilized all throughout my college career.

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