Happy Hour. {I apologize…}

I’m not very good at sticking to a blogging schedule – perhaps that’s my failure in the blogging world… I set out to write about this one day, that the next… but then sometimes life happens or I find a really good book and sometimes, I just don’t feel like being on the computer more than I have to…

And before I know it, I’ve failed to write about what I planned to…

Eh, ya win some… ya lose some, right?

{But MAJOR kudos to Ellie who is actually good at sticking to our schedule… ;)}

Things that make my heart go boom, boom {so maybe… I was just listening to Luke Bryan}…

1. Going off the grid. This weekend I stayed off social media. And honestly, it felt pretty damn good. No, I won’t make this a habit… I enjoy it far too much – however, a little reprieve from it… was refreshing. Not being concerned about what the rest of the world was doing… was nice. I think I little “me” time is very needed sometimes.

2. Staying up until the wee hours reading a good book. Anyone that knows me knows I have a bit of an A.D.D problem with books. I LOVE to read… but finding a really, really good book is very hard for me. I’ve started several that never get finished, if it doesn’t grab me from page one… by page twenty I’ve started daydreaming which leaves me confused and wondering what the heck just happened. Currently, I have a stack of five books that I just couldn’t get into enough to make me power through them. Five… that’s a little ridiculous, huh? However, enter Nicholas Sparks – that man can write a book and I’ll stay up until the next morning to finish it. It never fails. Last week I started and finished The Best of Me in 2 days. It was an amazing story of unrequited love… but damn was it heart wrenching. If you love a good love story… read it. But be prepared to bawl your little eyes out.

3. Catching up with old friends. 

4. Kickass comments. I posted the beginning of a love story over on Holly’s blog last week {if you haven’t read it… maybe you should!}… and the comments were soo sweet and encouraging. I love writing and telling a good story and y’all’s sweet words were awesome!!

5. Polyvore. I’ve been creating fall style boards for work all week – well, last week… and I’ve been using Polyvore. It’s a really cool site once you figure out how to use it best. It’s also slightly aggravating… but I love putting looks together, so… I’m not complaining. {too much, anyways;)}

So there we have it, kittens. Things that are making me happy currently.

Did you link up? You should. I apologize again for sucking. It’ll probably happen again next week… so don’t expect too much out of me. 😉

Happy Monday Tuesday, loves!


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