The Blonde Life. {Once upon a time, at a hog roast…}

Ellie and I were talking, well, emailing because we do it frequently these days and came to the conclusion that in this blogging world everyone seems to be married, engaged, or on their way there. {BTW, kudos and congrats to y’all – seems like a damn good time!}

And then you have us.


Not that we’re complaining. {Most the time anyways…} But I think we may be in the minority on this one. However, if nothing else, the single girl life is an adventure. Full of amazing moments, destructive moments, hysterical moments, and of course… the tearful ones. {We’re girls, it happens.}

When I first started blogging I posted a bit about a relationship of mine {Start here, then here, here, here, here, and it ends here}. I definitely poured my heart and soul into those posts… reliving those moments. And I absolutely loved it. I love writing… it’s therapeutic for me.

And because of this – Ellie and I got the idea to start “The Blonde Life…” {I’m blonde – she used to be blonde and is joining me again soon – it just works.} a Friday tell-all of dating/relationships past. From the sweet first dates to the OMG moments and all the unforgettable times in between.

So sit back, grab a glass of wine {beer, coffee, whiskey – whatever}, and join us as we spill our hearts…




So, once upon a time there was this girl – let’s call her J. {If Gossip Girl can do it – so. can. I.} J was at her wits end with guys. Just went through a rough summer with her ex boyfriend and was ready to give up. A friend of hers convinced her to try out online dating {don’t judge} and as much as J opposed the thought of this – it seemed like her only hope. Reluctantly, she signed up.

After weeding through about a bajillion creepers and weirdos, one guy kind of stood out. He seemed like a nice guy, normalish, not too bad to look at, decent conversationalist… so after days of hesitation, J decided to meet him.

J and N {we’re calling him N, btw} met for coffee one evening and sat and chatted for hours. It wasn’t love at first sight or instant wedding bells… but it was an easy, relaxed first date.

However, J was still cautious and not quite ready for a boyfriend yet. She continued to talk to N for awhile – they had dinners, went to shows, he treated her very well, which was what she needed. But eventually she decided there wasn’t any real chemistry there and she ended things. {Sometimes, J’s cold like that.}

N was smitten with her, so to hear the news that they weren’t going to continue seeing each other didn’t settle well with him. He soon cut all ties and they went on their ways.

2 years later…

One day while on vacation, J gets a random text from N. They hadn’t spoke in quite some time {2 years, but who’s counting?!} and if we’re gonna be honest here… she was bored with her other options… so she thought why not? Why not talk to N, they had enjoyed each other’s company while they were “dating” maybe the chemistry will be there this time. In the past two years, she’d been through a lot {that will never maybe one day make it to an episode of The Blonde Life} and she was ready for something new, something fresh, something good.

They talked for a couple weeks and finally decided to see each other one evening. J’s from the country and back home her friends and family were hosting a huge hog roast. She had mentioned to N that he should come down. {It was an hour drive for him}  And he did, without argument. N had quite the thing for J – but for her, it always took a bit more convincing.

At this hog roast there were tons of people. Most were friends and family who had all grown up together. The ones hosting it were some of J’s closest guy friends {including her brother} and these guys are very, very, very overprotective protective of her. And not above making asses of others {especially after hours of drinking…}.

N had texted J, letting her know he was close but she knew he’d lose cell service soon because they were out in the boonies so she wished him good luck and figured she’d see him soon. Shortly after that she sees a car pull in, hears some chatter, followed by some laughing, and the car backs out and heads up the road.

J didn’t think too much of it, honestly. There were so many coming and going that night…

Until the car returns… she then sees her brother and best guy friend laughing their drunk asses off and they quickly walk to the other side of the barn once she spots them. It’s all beginning to make sense now.

N soon rounds the corner with two of her friends that he knew. Turns out he was the car that pulled in, he rolled down the window to see if he was at the right place, the boys had told him that J wasn’t expecting any guys and this was not the party he was supposed to be at… 

Luckily, N didn’t get too far before realizing they were full of it and returned to the party where he and J finally got a chance to see each other for the first time in two years, hang out, throw back a few beers and get to know each other all over again…

Come back next week…

Maybe there’s more to J and N. Maybe there’s not…

Happy Friday, lovers. Hope y’all have a fantastic weekend – I get to get all dolled up and pretend it’s prom for the Columbus Arts Ball on Saturday night. Be. Jealous. But don’t worry, there’ll be pictures! 😉

p.s. If you decide you wanna start telling your stories too – drop me a link in the comments, I’d LOVE to read them!!!


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