I’m blank because…

because I very rarely straighten my hair. {But thanks to Hollie – that may change.}

because I really don’t like coffee. It HAS to have far too much creamer in it.

because I don’t like maple syrup.

because I am very picky when it comes to my bottled water.

because I rarely ever finish a cup of coffee or tea.

because I collect extra large mugs – mainly with Disney characters on them.

because I check my cats teeth, daily.

because I don’t really like to cuddle when I sleep.

because I sleep with my feet outside the covers.

because I often read magazines from back to front.

because I sleep with a fan on. Year around.

because I don’t really like going to the movies.

because I’m watching the 1000th episode of WWE right now with Dad.

because I hold my breath in public restrooms.

because velvet makes me cringe. I can’t touch it. At all.

because I could eat cereal for every meal.

This is another one of those posts that have been floating around the bloggy world – and I like them. {Sorry if you don’t!} I think it’s fun to learn about each other – the silly, random, serious, or weird things. This lovely posted it first… then this pretty lady posted it last week… and inspired me.

Do you ever have that moment where you think “Wow, I’m a weirdo?” You do?! Great! 😉 What are some things that you do that are weird?

Happy hump day, lovers!! It’s amazing how quickly Wednesday comes when you had Monday off – funny how that works. 😉




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