If you really knew…

I’ve seen this post floating around on the blogosphere – and I thought it was kinda fun. I first saw Stephanie over at Beautiful Mess post it {and her hubs – which was very cute!} and then  Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup and my sweet friend Holly over at Running in Stilettos – and so, like all chatty bloggers do – I’m jumping on the bandwagon with this one. Humor me while I tell you far more than you ever care to know about yours truly…

My ridiculous friends. #love

If you really knew me you’d know that…

My family and friends are my soul.

I’m not a morning person.

I love cats. Like seriously love them. I can fall in love with a cat in 5 seconds. My mom says I need therapy….

I don’t like condiments, whipped cream, or ice cream with my cake.

I’m learning photography and I really enjoy it.

I drink water. All the time. If I’m not drinking that I have a tea from Starbucks – it’s an addiction.  

My mom and I talk on the phone every single day. 

I love cowboy boots – in any way, shape, or form. I want to wear them everyday. With everything. {Hence the name of my blog.;)}

I really, really, really love the beach. And the water. It’s my happy place.

I hate making the bed. It’s one of my least favorite chores in the whole wide world.

I need quiet time. If I don’t have it – I become a brat.

I burp, a lot – I know, it’s not lady like – and believe me, Dad tried to train me better – but he gave up. I accepted it, as should you. 😉

My nails are always painted. I own any color imaginable but always, always need more nail polish. #obsessed

I have a green and pink throw that I’ve had since I was in 3rd grade. It goes on every vacation, every long trip, every move with me. 

Fashion is my one true love. And kittens. 

I love Jack Daniels.

I own being “blonde” and am perfectly okay with being laughed at. 

I absolutely love to cook – being in the kitchen and experimenting with ingredients is relaxing to me. 

I don’t like sports. I will sit and pretend to enjoy them if there is beer involved but aside from that – I just don’t care. 

I love shoes – but I’d rather be barefoot. 

I’ll never read a book twice – my attention span isn’t that long. 

And on that note… it’s time to shut this baby down and do some reading – I can only watch the Kardashians re-runs to many times. What are somethings you know about me that I didn’t list?? What should I know about you???

Happy Hump day, chickies!





2 thoughts on “If you really knew…

  1. hehe you are too cute. if you come to wisco next spring … we can burp together. i get yelled at all the time for it!

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