I’m sick of my closet.

Sorry, random thought. Don’t you wish you could just trade it all in for something new? Like a closet swap… someone should look into that…


Whew! How’d we get to Thursday already?! I think I may or may not be headed to the zoo today! Eeeeks! They just had two tiger cubs and I seriously can not wait to see them once they are out and about – I could sit and watch the tigers all day long, yea, I’m that weirdo. #catlover And tonight Amy is hosting a clothing swap {no, not a closet swap – but it’s close, kinda.}  we have these once a season or so and they really are brilliant. Great way to get rid of old clothes and get new ones… for FREE!!! It’s also fun to hang out with the ladies and chat – it’s a nice, cheap girls night! {Don’t worry – I’ll post all about it later!}

So today I’m linking up with Neely and Amber for It’s Okay to be Thankful Thursday. I think this is one of my favorite linkups!

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s okay…

for a thought to cross your mind and you instantly think “OMG – I’m my mother!”

to experiment with cooking – like putting honey in an avocado sauce. {It turned out delicious, btw!}

to get beyond excited that The Wizard’s of Waverly Place Movie is on right now. Love me some Alex Russo.

to get bored with Pinterest.

to get homesick even when your family is only an hour away. {Next weekend – I’ll be there! Can’t wait!}

to remember that it was about a year ago that Dad called to tell me that Snickers passed away – and that I still miss him terribly. #ripdoodles {He was my old cat that lived back at my parents.}

to kinda suck at life this week. Being a girl allows that – once a month. 😉 #tmi?

to still need to blog about vaca with my momma. {I promise, it’s coming soon}

to start watching Dallas 4 episodes in…

 I’m thankful for…

the moments that I think “OMG – I’m my mother!” – because truth be told, she’s pretty amazing. I hope to be the woman/wife/mother that she is one day.

Starbucks blonde coffee – that shiz is delicious. I haven’t drank this much coffee in I don’t know how long!

friends that forgive me for sucking at life this week.

the break in the 100 degree weather. Who knew 88 degrees could feel so good?

my bed. It’s soooo comfortable. And cute.

being able to see Bub, Hollie and Leah randomly this week. If only for a minute.

Dad’s texts telling me he misses and loves me.

Cowboy boots. They go with everything. {Stop rolling your eyes, Mom} I can’t wait until it cools down some and I can wear them more often!

Welp, kiddos – I’m off to cuddle up in bed with Tric and watch some random TV. Or read… who knows, I’ll probably just play on my phone for far too long if I’m being honest. Happy Thursday – hope it’s grrrrrrreat!!

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