I’ve been thinking…

I’ve been doing some thinking lately – of things I want to do… some simple, some complex… but nonetheless they’re goals that I want to achieve.

  • Sending more snail mail – I think there’s something to be said for opening your mailbox and having something you are actually excited about. And c’mon, there’s some seriously cute stationary out there. Penpals, anyone?
  • Create a better budget – using Mint effectively so I can stay on track and get things paid off – it’s a very handy tool. And make a list of a couple things I want to splurge on for the month – to reduce impulse purchases. This month: running shoes, a new bag, pretty stationary to achieve above goal, and a good planner. {but more on those later ;)} I think this will help curb my buying just to buy thing. Like workout clothes – I convince myself that I need new, but in reality, once I cleaned out my drawers, I really have plenty.
  • Make my blog pretty. I want a more “me” design. Anyone wanna help a girl out???
  • Get back to the gym – my goal is to get to the gym 4 days a week, a day or two of yoga by way of Jillian Michaels and my living room, and a day off. I’m not going to go hardcore thinking I’ll make it to the gym everyday – that’s just asking for failure.
  • Set up “date” nights with some of my friends that I rarely see because “life just gets too crazy” – I think it’s important to slow down and grab some coffee, ice cream, or a beer with some of your dearest friends. And I need to get better at it.
  • Write. I used to write a lot – like actual writing in a paper journal – I miss that. It’s so therapeutic to me. Sewing and writing are my therapies. They both allow me to clear my head, but in two very different ways. I need to get back to them.

What are some of your goals? How do you stay motivated and focused??

Want to be penpals??? 😉

Happy Tuesday, dolls! Hope it rocks your socks off – if you have socks on – which would be weird – cause it’s hotter than the sun around here lately. 😉


7 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking…

  1. The idea of penpals is awesome. Sadly, the snail mail in my country sucks, and more often than not mail sent to me gets lost or else takes way too long to arrive, and the same goes for the mail I send. That said, your goals are pretty great! Good luck achieving them.

    My goals for the moment are saving money (using my wedding as motivation), writing (using publishing and nice reviews as motivation), and losing weight (again, with my wedding as motivation. Gotta look pretty in that dress!).

  2. Love these goals! I need to do all of them! I’ve been thinking about this stuff a lot lately too! We’re twins! Maybe if I write my thoughts in a blog post then I’ll hold myself accountable!

  3. These are really fantastic goals! I, too, miss snail mail. In fact, you’ve inspired me to use up my stationery I’ve been hoarding (I LOVE paper!) and write to my far away friends. I wish you luck in achieving your goals!

  4. so funny! i actually have a penpal that I met through blogging! we just started! i love sending cards in the mail to my friends just because! I have a lot of experience with wordpress, what kind of look are you looking for? xoox Kelly

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