I’ll be your honey bee…

Disclaimer: This may be my most random blog post yet. 😉

Didn’t get the Blake Shelton song reference? No? Hmmm… oh well… #youshouldlistentocountrymusicmoreoften #justsayin

So back to the honey bees… well, a few weeks ago when I went home for the weekend – I no sooner got home and dropped my stuff in the living room and my dad was taking me outside to show me this MASSIVE collection of honey bees on one of our trees. He had watched them come across the field in a swarm and land in this tree. It was insane! I could actually get pretty close to them and they weren’t bothered at all {this was a huge feat for me because when I was 28 years old younger whenever a bee would get within 5 ft of me I’d scream to high heavens – seriously, you’d have thought someone was trying to kill me}.

How crazy is that? They were gone the next morning. I think it’d have been pretty cool to see them buzzzz away.

Anyways, I can’t believe it’s almost Friday… and even more unbelievable – where the heck did June go?! *sigh* summer is flying by… I need some more pool time. Stat!

Hope y’all are having a great week. Happy Thursday, kittens!



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