Currently {Meet Greta. Love Greta.}

Good morning {or afternoon, or evening – whatever time you’re reading this!} y’all! I’m on my to Asheville, NC today with my Momma. I’m probably pumped full of Red Bull, jamming to some country tunes, and driving my Mom crazy by this point. {I’m almost positive of all of those things – she tends to tune me out when I just talk for the sake of talking – and I’m sure I’m doing that. Kinda like I’m doing now…} Anywho….

Follow me on Instagram {jacmaries} and Twitter {@jacmaries} to see my adventures in NC this weekend! I’m sure I’ll post lots of pictures! And drive everyone crazy while doing so… #sorryimnotsorry

Without further ado… let me introduce you to this girl… she’s fabulous! Greta {I seriously LOVE her name!} and I have been bloggy bff’s for over a year – we send novel long emails, and chat frequently. You’ll love her – I’m sure of it!

hello messy hair & cowboy boots readers! my name is greta and i’m the writer of [confessions of a wisconsin housewife]. as the name of my blog may suggest, i’m from wisconsin, but that has never stopped me from being close to jac over in ohio. we are blogging bffs! just a little bit about me…

i’m engaged. my fiance has four beautiful children [all 10 years and younger]. i use a giant diaper bag as my purse. i grew up in green bay [the city], but the northwoods [the country] is where i always want to be. i have a major sweet tooth. i love photographing children and am currently working on business plans to start as a professional [i have great models at home]. brown is my favorite color. i love gardening. i love fresh flowers.

here’s my currently for you:

READING : the power of a praying wife : stormie omartian … i got it as an engagement gift and it’s a powerful book. i love it. i don’t have much time to read lately. i would love to read more.

WATCHING : monsters vs. aliens … i’m just watching fx this morning. i needed something light-hearted and i was getting tired of the today show. really, i’m waiting for say yes to the dress & what not to wear to come on. or possibly reruns of design star [my show at the moment].

ANTICIPATING : wednesday. i’m on vacation starting saturday for a week, but i’m excited to spend an entire week with my stepchildren. i’m also anticipating my family vacation in july. a retreat in the woods for a week. we have little league tuesdays and thursday [2 boys playing], plus the oldest plays tournament ball wednesday, friday through sunday. it’s exhausting!

LAUGHING ABOUT : how i can’t go to a baseball game without my youngest two stepsons turning into little mud monkeys. i swear we bathe them twice a day.

LISTENING TO : miranda lambert. anything by miranda lambert.

EATING : toast with blackberry jam. i could use a nice breakfast out to eat, however.

WORKING ON : our registry… it’s taking forever. we worked on it for HOURS last night together and i think my fiance’s had enough. we are almost done though!

WISHING : it would rain so i don’t have to water the garden today. i know that sounds lazy, but i just weeded it and watered it before bed. our carrots and lettuce are coming up so it’s in constant need of care and i’m just not in the mood.

it was so nice to be with you today! hope you will join me over at [confessions of a wisconsin housewife]! stop by and let me know you were here! i’d love to meet you!


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