Monday Randoms. {Coconut oil. The Vow. Moscato.}

I made Strawberry Moscato Punch on Friday night – y’all – I think this is going to need to be a staple in my fridge from now on. At least for the summer. It was so easy.

1 large bottle of Moscato

1 can of strawberry/orange juice concentrate {or any juice concentrate of your liking}

8 oz. of Sprite {ish}

Mix it all in the pitcher and drink to your little alcoholic happy heart’s content. I think it’d be really good with fruit slices in it too – but I wasn’t trying to be fancy this weekend.

I also made a pasta bake – but obviously made the drink first. Priorities, people. 😉

Friday night, Missy and I decided to have a little DIY spa/girlie movie night. We put gobs of organic coconut oil in our hair and let it soak while we watched The Vow. {I’ll get to that in a minute} First of all – it smelled amazing, I love the smell of coconut. And once I washed it out my hair was so soft and manageable. I think I’m going to try to do this every couple of days. Being blonde kind of strips my hair of moisture and I can already feel such a difference just after one use. We also mashed up an avocado and slathered it on our faces and let it dry. My skin felt AMAZING once I washed it off. I had some very happy hair and skin this weekend.

The Vow – ohmigoodness… *sigh* that movie definitely pulled on my heartstrings. I can’t believe I waited so long to watch it! What was I thinking?! They cast that movie so, so well. I’m always for a sappy chic flick and this one completely fulfilled that. If you haven’t seen it – do it. 🙂

Last week I thought I wanted to try to persuade my 29 year old self into all of the sudden becoming a morning person. I set my alarm for 7am and hoped to get up and workout, get ready for my day, enjoy a nice breakfast and not be so rushed. Do you think that happened? Hell no. I can’t – apparently you can’t teach this old dog new tricks. I need to accept that and move on. It was a nice thought though… maybe one day. {Although, I’m not holding my breath 😉}

Now, my loves – I’m off to do some reading. I discovered the book Sisterhood Everlasting this weekend while at Barnes and Noble. I’ve been a huge fan of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants saga since it came out. {Years ago!} This last one has fast forwarded {is that a word? No? Oh well.} to when they’re turning 30 and how life has changed them and their friendship. You have no clue how crazy excited I was when I found this – AND then realized I still had $$ on my BN gift card… one. happy. girl.

And one last thought for your Monday…

Always remember… take a moment… and just enjoy life.

Happy Monday, lover butts. I hope it’s not rainy where you are {unless of course you are like me and enjoy the rain…}.



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