Reading: I’m currently reading Love the One You’re With by Emily Giffin. It’s a cute chic lit book. It doesn’t have me quite as hooked as the two trilogies I read before this did {Hush, Hush and Fifty Shades in Grey} but it’s still decent. I have Clockwork Angel to start – but wasn’t quite ready to get into a few weeks ago. I’m hoping it’s as amazing as I’ve heard. Have any of you read either of these?? Thoughts??

Watching: Right this second? Friends… I feel like this show in constantly playing as background noise to my life. It’s always on TV and whenever I just want something mindless to watch… that’s the show. I like to see it as the Andy Griffith Show for our generation. {What? That wasn’t a show you grew up listening to and watching because of your dad? Hm, well, I did. ;)}

Anticipating: Vacation with my Momma next week. We leave early Thursday morning for Asheville, NC for a long, girls weekend with my Mom’s best friend from high school and her daughter, Courtney {we look like we could be sisters – it’s awesome.} We are going to do some hiking in the mountains, shopping, eating, and I’m sure lots of delicious cocktails will be had. I. can. not. wait. And one of my dearest friends is moving home this weekend, I can’t wait to hug her little blonde head off. #huffylove Anddd one of the cutest little curly haired, blonde, 3 year olds is coming to spend the summer in Ohio… and I can’t wait to see her sassy little butt next week!!

Listening to: Jana Kramer. She got her start on One Tree Hill… so obvi, I started loving her. And her first single was called *Whiskey*… which may be the most perfect song ever {the burn and sting, the high and heat, and the left me wanting more feeling when he kissed me…shoulda just called him whiskey} the lyrics are dead on. However, her album dropped Tuesday… UMMM…LOVE! Seriously, check her out…. yes, she’s country… but so, so worth it. And she’s hot… so she has that going for her too.

Eating: We had mini sessions all evening in the Short North so Amy and I went to Press Grill for dinner. And lucky for us it was $1.00 taco night – They’re tacos taste homemade which I loveee. It’s one of my favorite little places down there. Delicious food, home cooked feel, reasonable drinks…can’t beat it.

Working on: Getting my blogging bum back in gear. I’ve slacked a lot lately… I apologize. Anddd learning the nitty gritty of photography. Luckily, I have the best teacher in the world. I couldn’t imagine learning from anyone else, Amy’s ridiculously talented. And, figuring out that 29 isn’t as ugly and scary as it seemed initially. Birthday’s don’t usually bother me… {clearly, they are usually the best thing ever in my world} but, this year I was bitten by the bitter bug. I’ll warm up to it… eventually. Working on it, guys. Working on it….

Wishing: That I’d worked out today. Or this week. Or like I had planned for the last X amount of months… Ugh, where do the hours go? Yea, full. of. excuses. And, that there was a real beach in Central Ohio… c’mon… how nice would that be??? I realize I probably wish this once a week… but I’m thinking that with enough wishing…maybe it’ll come true. Maybe.

I was inspired by this girl and this girl to do this fun blog post. Check there’s out. Write your own. Leave the link in my comments so I can check it out too!

Happy Thursday, kittens.


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