{Semi} Wordless Wednesday {My Life}

1. Sangria for Missy’s birthday. 2. My favorite fruit combination. Anything that’s strawberry/banana is good in my book. Especially the fruits themselves! 3. After our Relive the Moment shoot {more on that later} Amy and I decided to splurge on ice cream for dinner. Such a good decision. I had Oreo Cream Filling… best. thing. ever. 4. Red bull = my life blood. {this is no joke}. 5. Zucchini casserole. Holy cheesy, zucchiniy deliciousness. I’ll post the recipe I concocted soon. 6. Our new tea cups {filled with sleepy time tea – such a good idea!}… doesn’t it remind you of Chip from Beauty and the Beast? No? I’m the only adult without a child who watches Disney? … cool.

Moving on…

1. I LOVEEEEE wearing shorts and cowboy boots {y’all probably gathered that from the title of my blog, huh? #captainobvious} – maybe one of my favorite combinations. I mean, I’d wear boots with just about anything.  2. Ever have a morning where washing your hair sounds like nothing but pure, time consuming torture? That was me. However, I did manage to throw on a cute vintage Amrie Boutique headband. 😉 3. Please tell me this is not the best picture of me ever… I’m oozing sexy with my hands full of ice cream. You know you love it… Thank you, Amy for capturing me in my true essence. #not 😉

1. Last night we had an impromptu girls night. {Seriously LOVE these two.} It was Missy’s birthday and Amy was sick – I kept telling her all day that she just needed some whiskey; it’ll cure what ails ya… at least that’s what my Grandpa used to say. 2. Gallery Hop at the studio Saturday night – it was the unveiling of the Faces of Autism project and it went fabulously. 3. Dinner at Bucca Di Beppo for Missy’s bday last night – DELICIOUS!

I’m linking up with Flip Flops & Pearls for {Semi} Wordless Wednesdays.


PhotobucketHappy Hump Day, pumpkins – I’m trying to get back into the swing of things over here. Baby steps… I do have a favor – I’m going on vacation to Ashville, NC next week {if you’ve ever been or live around there, give me some tips on the area!} – I’d love some guest  bloggers – I have two spots available?! If you’re interested {I’D LOVE YOU FOREVER} and you can either comment below or shoot me an email. {jacks519(at)gmail(dot)com}


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