{Semi} Wordless Wednesday. {Instagram style}

Cattle across the road from my house.

Bonfire with the family.

A little Saturday relaxation. Starbucks and Self magazine.

Amy found this dress while we were thrifting… I’m in love with it. It’s comfy, fits well, and just so easy to wear… and it was $4. #score Those sandals were also thrifted… never been worn though. #winwin

My first whiskey and rootbeer of the weekend.

Conned Dad into getting this 10 foot pool… PERFECT for the HOTTTTT weekend. #hellotan

Being lazy.

Coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Yummm.

Meet Kahlua. She’s precious.

Homemade no bake cookies.

Naps in the pool. #perfection

Getting ready for the pool.

A quick summer storm.

This was my memorial day in pictures… how was yours?? Don’t you just love instagram?? If you aren’t following me – you should {jacmaries} I post a lot of really pointless pictures of my life… but guess what?! I can 🙂

I’m linking up with Flip Flops and Pearls today for Semi Wordless Wednesday… anddddd… you should too. 😉


Happy Hump Day, pumpkins!


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