Good for the soul. {Girl’s Night}

There’s just something about a girl’s night out that is good for the soul. Amy, Missy, and I went out on Tuesday night for some patio time at a new pub, Kildare’s, and to see The Lucky One. The drinks and dinner were delicious. The nice waitress persuaded me into trying a “dirty hoe” beer compilation. It was Hoegaarden’s and Strawberry Lambic… and aaaamazing. We then went and saw The Lucky One with Zac Efron… which was a very cute movie – we got shhh’d for giggling too much during the love scenes {yes, we’re children – 28, 29, and 33 year old children}.

It was a much needed evening with two of my favorites. I think we may be hitting up the Tyler Hilton show next week for another girl’s night.

Do you have girl’s nights with your close friends??

Happy Thursday, loves!


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