A penny for your thoughts…

Last night I finally managed to get out and run {it’s cold – I don’t know why I chose last night} however, it did feel good to get out there. And by run I mean it was kinda a run/walk… hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Andd… I attempted to make yum yum sauce with hibachi chicken and veggies for dinner. {ya know, the stuff at all those delicious Japanese restaurants} Guess what? I rocked it. I’ll probably be sharing the recipe on this little guy soon – whenever I get around to making it again and taking actual pictures. {So, it may be a minute!}

Tonight I’m having a catch up dinner with an old high school friend, and I’m definitely looking forward to that. It’s nice when you can remain friends with someone who’s known you since you were just a lil munchkin. And known you through all your bitchy phases, I’m guessing anyhow… I wouldn’t know anything about being a bratty teenager. Angel right here. Duh. 😉

Happy Thursday, Chickies!


Your sweet words mean so much...

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