My Weekend… {via Instagram}

Finally, the Android phones were able to get Instagram – and I’m kinda loving it. It’s a very fun app, oh it’s the little things in life. 🙂

1. Orly nail polish in Green with Envy. Fun shade, but needed 3 coats. Grrr.

2. TOAST. I gave up bread and french fries for Lent. I missed the bread – after having fries yesterday – I didn’t really miss them. {thank goodness!}

3. Gorgeous tree outside my apartment.

4. Jell-O cupcakes my mom made then we made homemade whipped cream to top them!

5. Silence. {the third book in the Hush, Hush saga.} I recommend it… I’m beginning to think angels are a little sexier than vampires. 😉

6. My Easter outfit. Cardigan – Old Navy. Dress – Ruche. Espadrilles – Kohl’s.

7. My gift from the Easter bunny. A new coral bag and earrings 🙂

8. Relax time on Saturday, between the shopping and the baking. Coffee and Glamour magazine with Lauren on the cover. Gorgeous.

9. A little whiskey for the weekend.

10. Fluffy socks.

11. New shoes from my Momma. LOVE.

12. Tric didn’t want me to pack for home.

13. Ricotta cookies. DELICIOUS. Will be posting the recipe and lots of pics soon!

Hope y’all had a wonderful Easter weekend!


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