You do what?!

So… I have a lot of confess… and by a lot, I mean nothing important but perhaps funny things… such as…

  • Sometimes… when I’m eating alone… Tric jumps on the table. I tell him to get down, but he doesn’t. So I just let him sit. {Yea, yea, I’m gross… whatever, but he doesn’t eat my food. Just sits. :)} But really, how do you deny that face?? {Sorry Mom, kinda goes hand in hand with that time, when I was younger and I let Tiger lick my Popsicle…}
  • I really REALLY love cereal. Rice krispies or Crispix. Best food on the planet. Especially at midnight.
  • I have an addiction. Iced Tea – from Starbucks. Seriously, obsessed.
  • I rarely change the empty toilet paper roll. Too much effort. I’m lazy.
  • Putting my clothes away is the worst chore. Ever.
  • I want to go to Paris. I need to go to Paris.
  • I personally think Walmart has some of the best smelling candles. Maybe I’m just a cheap ass.
  • Hannah Montana will always be one of my favorite shows. {Don’t judge me, you know you watch something slightly embarrassing too :)}
  • Bruce Willis is sexy.
  • I love reading teen paranormal fiction.
  • My nails are always painted. Always.

Happy hump day!!!



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