What I’m Wearing. {Channeling my country girl.}

White is one of my favorite colors {er, I know, I know – it’s not technically a color – BUT for the blog’s sake – it is} to wear. I have a massive collection of white pieces, they just go with anything. And add a fresh vibe to whatever you’re wearing. I found this dress while thrifting and loved it. But it was a bit  too long for the look I had in mind. So I decided on the shirt underneath. I think this dress will get a lot of wear this spring/summer. {However, I think I need to tack the straps before I wear it again, they keep slipping off.} Also, these boots – if I haven’t mentioned it yet… are my FAVORITE thing in my closet.

Orange Necklaces: Flea Market and Antique Store. Purple Button up: Gap, years ago. White Dress: Goodwill. Chestnut Cowboy Boots: Thrifting.

Happy Thursday.

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