• I haven’t finished the Hunger Games.
  • I don’t know that I want to see the movie either *gasp* I loved the book. But honestly, I’m tired of hearing about it.
  • I absolutely love cooking. But I loathe baking.
  • I don’t like to talk to anyone while I’m eating ice cream. Ice cream puts me in my happy place, and I like to stay there for a bit.
  • I haven’t worked out like I should be – or like I meant to the past two weeks.
  • I would prefer to be barefoot. All the time.
  • I don’t care about March Madness; yet I’m watching it right now.
  • I hate cutting out patterns when I’m sewing. I like making patterns, but I hate cutting them out. I’m a walking contradiction.
  • I think alligator’s and crocodile’s are incredibly fascinating creatures.
  • Sometimes, I zone out when people are talking to me. Oops.
  • I like being short.
  • I am far more upset about One Tree Hill ending in two episodes than I should be.
  • I rarely finish a cup of coffee.
  • I hold my breath when I go into a public restroom after someone was already in there. I have an extremely sensitive nose.
  • I’ve never read a book twice.
  • I’ve never seen The Wizard of Oz in it’s entirety. {I know, I know… shocking!}
  • I also have no desire to watch it in it’s entirety anymore.
  • If Jessica Simpson is on the cover of a magazine. I’ll buy it.
  • I’ve wanted a tattoo for 4 years. I know damn well that I’ll never find the balls to get it.
  • I like animals more than humans.
  • I like cats more than dogs. {Except for Cleo and Riley.}
  • I do not like anyone messing with my closet.

Do you have anything you need to confess??

Happy Wednesday, kids!


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