Do you thrift?

{The pink blazer is thrifted.}

Thrifting has become a way of life for some people…it satisfies that shopping need without breaking the bank. I, however, have a love/hate relationship with thrifting. I love it when I’m in the mood to dig for things – but if I’m not in that exact mood – forget it. I don’t want to have to work for my clothes. You have to be ready to think outside the box when you step inside a thrift store. Yes, some pieces you will find won’t need any creative thought process – but a lot of pieces that I find – I know would look better if it were hemmed, the sleeves altered, the shoulder pads cut out, a belt added…

Are you a thrifter? Do you have a system when you are looking for items?

Or are you intimidated by the idea of thrifting? Scared of the funky smell of those stores?

These are the tips and tricks I use when I’m in the mood for the hunt…

  • Wear leggings and layers when you go thrifting – sometimes you need to try something on but there isn’t a fitting room or they may be disgusting… find an area, and try things on. You won’t get in trouble, I do it all the time.
  • Take a friend. It’s easy to bounce ideas off of them {Do you think this could work if…}
  • Always keep your closet in the back of your mind – you want pieces that will help update your wardrobe not just pieces that look like a good deal.
  • Don’t just buy something because it has a great name on the tag – if you aren’t going to wear it. Don’t buy it. Just because you could score a J.Crew dress for $2… doesn’t mean you should.
  • Before you walk into the store decide what your main focus is… dresses? tops? home decor? This gives you a place to begin that way the initial entrance isn’t completely overwhelming. {This doesn’t mean you can’t look at everything else – it just gives you a solid starting point.}
  • When you find an item – look it over thoroughly. Look for stains, tears, ripped hems, broken straps, pilling… you don’t want to purchase something {even for $2} that looks like someone else has worn it their entire life.
  • Be VERY picky about shoes. Some people find great shoes while thrifting… but I have a VERY hard time buying shoes someone else has worn. Grosses me out. But, if they look new and are something I will get a lot of use out of, I’ll purchase them.
  • Once you get your items home – Wash them.
  • Remember, shoulder pads are removable. I have found several great items that just needed them cut out and voila! they were updated.
  • Hand sanitizer is your friend.
  • If you are a crafty minded person – bed linens work wonders as fabric for just about anything… Scarves, pillow cases, quilts, skirts… Always think outside the box.
  • Don’t ignore the home decor sections – old vases, frames, books, glasses – all can be transformed. So much of my decor in my apartment is thrifted. It makes it easy to update from season to season or just when you get bored because you aren’t putting a lot of money into the items.
  • And have fun… I think that’s the most important part… enjoy what you are finding. Enjoy thinking outside the box.

This necklace, dress, and belt were also thrifted. I ended up deciding against the dress after wearing it a couple times. Just wasn't my favorite. But the belt and necklace are classic pieces. Some of my favorite finds.

Fur vest - thrifted. I like this fur vest but it's a tad big and boxier than I would like. But it works.

You can see more of what I’ve purchased while thrifting here, here, and here.

What are your tips and tricks to finding that perfect thrift store piece?

Happy Wednesday, dolls!


6 thoughts on “Do you thrift?

  1. Great post, Jac! I actually never go thrifting, but I really want to! I think it’s an excellent way to find interesting, unique pieces (or some favorites from the past). The reason I never go is because it involves me having to drive some place, and usually I’m too lazy. 😉

    We should plan a thrifting day soon!

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