What I’m wearing. {Tribal. Denim. Boots – duh.}

Helllllllllooooooooooooo Spring! I slept with my window open last night and it was glorious. I’m not kidding, kids – this weather makes me very happy. Especially when I can wake up, throw on a little spring dress and I’m good to go! I know, I know – it’s gonna snow in April, but whatevs {yes, I said whatevs, get over it. ;)} – I’m going to enjoy this right now. I kinda feel like I should have belted this dress… but I’m not a huge fan of belts {on me – it’s the big boob thing}. But, maybe next time…

Denim Jacket: Ruehl, years ago. Dress: Gabe’s. Boots: Thrifting. {Nothing, and I repeat, nothing – makes me happier than finding great cowboy boots for $3.}

Are y’all as excited about this Spring like weather as I am?!?!?

Get out and enjoy it!


3 thoughts on “What I’m wearing. {Tribal. Denim. Boots – duh.}

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