Dear 18 year old me…

  • Don’t be such a bitch. You aren’t that cool and you definitely aren’t entitled to anything.
  • Spend more time with your family. Appreciate them; they’re the best friends you will ever have
  • You have no idea what love is, yet. So stop wasting your tears on it.
  • Graduation will be the last time you see so many of the people you have known all your life. Embrace it
  • Some of the people you hold closest to you are going to disappoint you in ways you can’t imagine yet – get ready, find your backbone.
  • On the same token – you are going to disappoint some people too. Learn from your mistakes.
  • The day you turn 18, the next week will be crucial to everything you have known thus far in life – take a step back and really evaluate what you decide to put your energy into. If you don’t, you’ll regret it greatly.
  • Sew. A lot.
  • Know that your mom and dad are the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. 
  • One day in the future you are going to fall in love. With one of the most amazing guys who will ever grace your life. It may not work out – but appreciate and learn from the little moments. Don’t be so selfish
  • Cherish the late nights, early mornings, stupid moments, and days full of laughter. 
  • Color your hair a little less, your hair will thank you in 10 years. 
  • You are going to lose people close to you and get your heart broken, because people change, grow apart, and sometimes life just happens. But you know what, you are gonna be just fine. Stronger, really. It won’t be the end of the world, even though in that moment you think it is. 
  • Always, always be classy. 
  • You will find some of your dearest friends by the strangest of circumstances. Learn to enjoy life’s little ironies. 
  • Don’t judge people – do you want them judging you?
  • This one I can’t stress enough – be yourself. Don’t compromise that for anyone
Last week, Meg posted a question on Twitter about advice you’d give 17 year old you. When I was answering her question, I kept thinking of things I would tell her. However, I kept my answer at 140 characters and decided to do a post about it. Being 28 and knowing what I know now – Ohh, how helpful that would have been then. I know, I know… we live and learn but… if you could give advice to 18 year old you, to the you that was about to embark on the world… what would it be? Could you narrow it down to one thing? Or do several different things come to mind?
Happy hump day, pumpkins!

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