{Update} Accountability.

A week ago I posted this about getting back on track with losing weight and working out. And so far, so good. Have I eaten COMPLETELY healthy? No, I’ve had slip ups – I’m human, people – and realistically, I’ll never be able to eat 100% healthy – and I’m okay with that. {I have a love for pasta and all things sweet. Chances are, I won’t give those up…would you?? Okay, maybe you are stronger than me. :)}

But I’ve logged every single calorie. Every single workout. Whether they were good or bad. I logged the cupcake I indulged in yesterday afternoon. I logged the shamrock shake Amy and I enjoyed Friday for lunch. I logged the raspberry wheat beer I had at dinner the other night. But I also logged the large, healthy, salad I had at lunch yesterday {instead of a delicious bowl of mac and cheese}. I logged the bowl of brown rice, chicken, and veggies I had at Northstar last week {instead of the pizza that sounded so good}. I logged the workouts. I felt the soreness in my muscles after each workout. And I looked back over my week… and was proud of myself.

I didn’t deprive myself of things I wanted. I didn’t eliminate something from my diet to lose weight. I’m just making better decisions. I’m not dieting; I’m just making a lifestyle change. Keeping track of my eating/workouts has made the beginning of this journey so much easier. It keeps me aware for everything I’m doing and I need that.

This week I’ve lost 4 lbs. Which I think is a pretty big deal, it’s extremely motivating and completely surprising. I expected to lose 1 or 2 lbs. Not 4. Yea, most of it is probably water weight but, I’ll take it.

This is what I was eating: {shame on me for the poor choices}


  • Coffee with too much creamer {150 cal}
  • Breakfast sandwich {bacon, egg whites, cheddar cheese on a 100 cal sandwich thin} {250 cal-ish}

Mid – morning snack:

  • handful of candy sitting around the studio {150 completely unnecessary cal}

Lunch: {on a super unhealthy day}

  • Grilled cheese from a restaurant {400 cal}
  • French fries {300 cal – at least}
  • Sweet treat {150 cal-ish}

Afternoon snack:

  • Crackers/pita chips {200 cal}

Dinner: {again, on a super unhealthy day}

  • Pizza {500 cal-ish}
  • 2 glasses of wine {300 cal}
  • Nonexistent

Calorie total {roughly 2400 calories {of shit} taken in – 0 burned}

This is the kind of day that made me take a step back and seriously re-evaluate what I was putting in my body. I know how to eat right, I’ve done it several times before – but, life happens and convenience took over. As did this kind of day – and eventually, clothes started not fitting like I wanted them too and I just felt gross. And I think that was my bodies way of telling me to change things.

This is now what my day looks like: {again, I’m only a week in}


  • Hot Vanilla Chai tea with a splash of vanilla soymilk {30 cal} {I was losing a lot of calories to my coffee, so I’m trying to eliminate it most days.}
  • 1 cup of fresh raspberries {60 calories}
  • Chobani greek yogurt {160 cal}


  • Lean Cuisine meal {300 cal-ish} {although, when eating these you have to seriously watch the sodium – it can be insane!}
  • 1 cup of berries {60 cal} {I’m trying to use these as my “sweet treat” – it’s kinda working.}

Afternoon snack:

  • Cashews {180 cal} {but a healthy 180 cal}


  • Stuffed shells {inspired by this recipe} with homemade sauce and low-fat cheeses {400 cal} {I love Italian – so finding a healthy way to eat it is key. Also, I eliminated the bread I would typically have with any pasta dish.}
  • Zucchini {100 cal}
  • Glass of  white wine {150 cal}


  • Jillian Michaels 30 day shred {burned 180 cal} {no, doesn’t sound like a lot – but her workouts are brutal and you can feel things tightening and toning}

Calorie total {1440 calories taken in 180 cal burned}

My day isn’t perfect yet – but it’s a vast improvement. And I feel so much better about what I’m eating. And that’s all I can really ask for right now. I’m considering joining a gym, taking yoga classes, or just getting my bum outside and running to up the workout factor. Maybe that’ll be my focus this week.

I’m taking baby steps… and hopefully, they pay off.

Back to painting my nails {Tiffany Blue for anyone who’s wondering ;)}. Have a fabulous Monday, kids!


13 thoughts on “{Update} Accountability.

  1. Great job, Jac! Making a lifestyle change is so much more meaningful and way more achievable. You’re doing well so far, and keep it up!

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