I wish…

  • That this weather would stay. {But I know it’s Ohio – our luck we will have snow in May.}
  • That Kate Voegele would come back to Cbus. One of the best shows I’ve seen, with some of my best friends, she’s an amazinggggg singer/songwriter – check her out. {And no, she isn’t country. ;)}
  • That I would finish the Hunger Games trilogy so I could start Hush, Hush. I have SOOO many books that I want to read but just haven’t yet.
  • That I would lose 25 lbs.
  • That I had Cher’s closet {from clueless}.
  • That dating wasn’t such a bitch.
  • That I could manage to get out of bed early and work out.
  • That tanning wasn’t so bad for you.
  • That growing up didn’t change everything.
  • That I had an endless shopping budget.
  • That I saw my family more often.
  • That I had known my grandparents.
  • That I could hug each and every one of you that reads this. It means a lot to me. So consider this your “thank you”.
  • That I had cherished my time with my grandpa more.
  • That there was a Starbucks right beside my apartment.
  • That I lived by the beach.
  • That Hollie and I got more time to hang out and really become close.
  • That someone would bring me breakfast in bed every morning.
  • That Snickers was still around. I miss the hell out of that cat.
  • That they would come out with cuter phone covers for my phone.
  • That I could fix everything.
  • That mac and cheese, pizza, and ice cream were healthy.
  • That everyone was blessed with the amazing family and friends that I have been blessed with.
  • That there was a Starbucks right beside the studio. {I need them at every place of convenience for me.}
  • That I could be Holly Golightly just for a day.
  • That I had a southern accent.

If you let yourself stop and think about all the things you wish for – what do you wish for?

Happy Thursday, chickies!


9 thoughts on “I wish…

  1. I wish that you would include the non-chickies in your Happy Thursday wishes. I find your gender exclusive salutation at the end of this to be highly offensive.

  2. I do love reading your blogs…especially this one! I wish all the same things other than losing 50 iinstead off 25…lol ❤

  3. The comments about your grandparents and grandpa brought tears to my eyes. I wish you could have known them. They all would be very proud of you. Although, your grandpa would not have liked you living in Columbus at all. He didn’t think you needed to go to Bowling Green, which is much safer than Columbus. Love you.

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