The round-up. {Oscar Fashion}

I really wanted to do my round up of best dressed for the Oscars last night – but guys, I was beyond tired. So, alas… it didn’t happen. I went to bed at 10:30 – and not just to bed – actually fell asleep. *gasp* Who does that?!

This girl.

Back to the Oscars – did y’all watch them? I kind of watched the red carpet and kept up on People so I knew who was wearing what but I didn’t last once the show actually began. I endured the beginning little song/dance number with Billy Crystal – but they lost me there. I turned it off and went to bed. I then proceeded to dream about beautiful gowns – but, what self proclaimed fashion lover, doesn’t???

There were some beautiful dresses last night, some absolutely awful ones, and some that I really had to look at several times to decide how I felt. {I think this is why I couldn’t post this last night – I was undecided} However, I’ve made my decisions… here are my Top 10… {in no particular order}

Maria Menounos nails it. Every. Single. Time. I think she has been in my top for every award show. The color, fit, everything… perfection.

Nina Garcia looks so elegant. She knows fashion. This dress is timeless.

Gwyneth Paltrow. This is one of the dresses I was undecided about. Why? Because I LOVE how it fits her. I love the white. But I DON’T like the cape. I don’t care who you are or what you say, I just don’t. It looks too super hero-esque. Lose the cape, I’d adore this dress.

Rose Byrne looks perfect. I love the sequins, the one shoulder, her hair.

Michelle Williams. I was shocked that she made my top 10, I’m never a huge fan of anything she wears but this, I loved. It worked for her. She did the peplum trend well and the bright youthful color is perfect.

Glenn Close looks fantastic. This dress fits like a glove and is so very age appropriate.

Octavia Spencer looks stunning. This is such a flattering dress on her. The color, the sparkle, the cut, it just works.

Kristen Wiig looks stunning in this vintage inspired dress. I love a good nude dress.

Natalie Portman looks perfect. I LOVE this dress. It’s vintage couture and I simply adore this dress, I was undecided on it to begin with because I didn’t know if it was Oscar appropriate or not, but the more I saw this dress the more I love it. I want it.

Rachel Smith. The color is amazing, the fit is perfection, her hair and accessories are spot on. I love this.

Who did you love on the red carpet? Who did you hate???

Happy Monday, lovers!


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