So often I make the decision to diet or workout or whatever to get myself in shape and fit. And so often I fall short of those goals; chalking it up to not enough hours in the day or not enough time to think about eating better.

It’s such bullshit crap really. I love eating healthy, I feel so much better when I do – I have just gotten so lazy about it. Sometimes it’s so much easier to give into your cravings than to fight them {so true with so many things in life, right?}. But that has to stop. Eating healthy isn’t hard, it’s just making the conscience decision to do it. And it’s the same way with working out. I truly love how I feel when I work out, how strong I feel after a good run, how much more energy I have – it’s so motivating. It’s just getting back into the habit of doing it. It’s so much easier to plop onto the couch and catch up on my DVR than it is  to set aside that hour to go to the gym and run.

I’m not extremely overweight at all. But I know there is a lot of room for improvement. I know I can look and feel better about myself. I’m doing this for me, not for anyone else – and I think that’s an incredibly important thing. When I was on a serious workout/eating healthy kick before it was because someone else wanted me to be doing it – that’s the worst possibly idea, ever! #justsaying

My goal starting Monday is to begin this journey once again and hope, hope, hope that I can finally succeed in it. I’m not wanting to look like a rail. My body isn’t built that way. I have a runner’s legs and big boobs – those two things won’t work on a rail like body. I just want to be toned. To look healthy. I’ve downloaded and started using {again} the myfitnesspal app on my phone. I’m going to eat better no matter what. And I’m going to find that hour a day to workout. Whether I have to drag my ass out of bed and do it or go to the gym right after work. I. WILL. DO. IT. Yes, I’ll have some slip ups – I’ll have days that I just really want a piece of pizza – and I’ll allow myself that. But once I do, I’ll do my damnedest to get right back on track.

I think sometimes it’s motivating to find a picture of how you’d like to look – but something within reason. I couldn’t pick a photo of Kate Moss or Eva Mendes because I’m not built like that. I don’t have a bum, I’m not tall, I’m not lanky nor could I be, I have boobs and muscly legs, I’m short as shit, I have to be semi-realistic here – so I pulled photos of Jessica Simpson {pre 2008} – she looked great. I’d be totally okay with looking like that or closer to that than to this.

Why blog about it? Because then it’s out there… I’ve told someone I’m going to do it… so I kind of have to now, right?! Y’all are expecting me too… {or at least I’m going to pretend that ya are ;)}

Do you have motivational tips? Ideas? Wanna join me in the process? What has or hasn’t worked for you??

Happy Saturday, pretties!

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