A little bit of randomness. {again}

I haven’t worn my hair curly in awhile. And as much as I love how I have been wearing my hair – it kind of feels like I’m betraying myself a bit. {Yes, that’s weird. I know.} But, I needed a change for a bit and am trying to not color my hair… well, any other color than blonde. 😉

Life is too short to hold a grudge. What do you really gain when you can’t forgive or forget the little things? It takes a hell of a lot more energy to dislike and judge someone than it does to just let it go. When we look back 5 years from now, will any of it really matter aside from the good memories? No. Bitterness gets you nowhere. — That goes out to anyone who may need it.

I started the Hunger Games months ago and have LOVED it – but I’m stuck on book 2 {Catching Fire} and haven’t read a lick in quite some time. I think I need to change that. Today.

Eric Church {my new obsession} keeps mentioning Jack D. in his song {he’s a real country boy, kids} and it’s kinda making me want a Jack and coke. Don’t judge, it’s the weekend.

Went to a magic/comedy show last night. Michael Kent is f’ing hilarious – and a great magician. I was beyond amazed! If you get the chance to see him – do it. You won’t regret it. This, I promise you.

I’m really proud of my best friends. They all are doing such amazing things with their lives and I’m so happy I get to be a part of it, everyday. There is nothing better than seeing people you love – doing what they love. It’s truly inspiring.

Soy milk makes me want to gag. But I LOVE it in my coffee.

One of my best friends moved halfway across the country two months ago – we’ve talked more in the time she has left than we had in over a year. Life is funny sometimes.

This past week I had my aunt text me telling she was thinking about me, my brother text me telling me I need to get my ass home {exact words. He’s sweet, right?}, Hollie {his gf} tell me I need to come home soon, and both of parents telling me they miss me. It’s the little things that get you through. I’m a lucky girl.

Happy Monday, kids.

Hope my non existent boyfriend pulls through with those Hunter boots for President’s Day. 😉

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