Questions… Answers…

A few weeks back I was tagged in this little game of blogger questions and answers {see mine} and I proceeded to tag Amy – even though she didn’t have a personal blog – and low and behold… Just Amy Being Amy was born last night. {Check it out and welcome her to the lovely world of blogging!}

She did her round of questions and tagged me back so… why not answer them?!

10 questions for the ladies I tag:

  1. What is your favorite city to visit and why? Of places I’ve been – Duck, NC – it’s the most perfect little beach town I’ve ever been to. {And yes, I’ve been to a lot of beach towns}. Of places I wish I’ve been – Paris {yea, yea, typical girl answer – get over it!}
  2. If you had $1000 to spend right now, what would you buy? Hmmm… so many possibilities. I think I’d use it to purchase some really great classic pieces. A big pair of diamond studs, great skinny jeans, cute spring wedges, a nice bag… I need more time to think about this question. Who’d have thought it’d be so tricky?!
  3. What fashion trend are you curious to try but need that extra push? Ummm… I’m pretty good with trying things I want with fashion. I’m sooo excited to rock some neon this spring/summer!
  4. What is your idea of an amazing date? Nothing extravagant. Drinks at a local bar, good conversation full of chemistry, a walk on the beach {yes, I’m cliche – get over it, again!} a nice kiss goodnight… no crazy mind games to follow – that, my friends, would be the amazing part.
  5. Name your favorite concert experience. Kate Voegele at The Basement with two of my bests!
  6. Favorite way of travel: plane, train, or automobile? plane, duh.
  7. If you could change your career and do something different, what would you do? Be a vet – work with animals somehow.
  8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Happy – that’s it – who the hell knows where they will really be – sure, I’d love to say married, with 2.5 kids, living in a house with a little white picket fence… but that isn’t reality – I’m just good with being happy, whatever that may mean for the world around me.
  9. What piece of technology or app could you not live without? Texting. Twitter.
  10. What’s your favorite late-night snack? Cereal. Crispix to be exact.


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