Friday Style. {Sophia Bush}

Sophia Bush at the "This Means War" Premiere.

Art of Elysium Gala.

Golden Globe Event.

An Evening with One Tree Hill.

Yesterday marked the beginning of New York Fashion Week – Fall ’12… and because it has just began and my inbox and twitter feed is literally flooded with fashion shows and reviews of what has already hit the runway… I haven’t quite caught up yet. But, I will. This is one of my favorite weeks of the year {aside from my birthday week, duh!}. I love viewing the slideshows for each and every fashion show. I also like to imagine I’m there, dressed immaculately in designer duds and a perfect manicure, sitting in the front row, rubbing elbows with my favorite stylish celebs, and sipping on champagne at the after parties…. oh, a girl can dream… {one day… oneeee dayyyy…}.

Anyways… I will be updating with my ultimate favorites and my thoughts of certain shows throughout the week. I wish I could talk about every show… but seriously, who has the time?! I can’t spend my entire day watching fashion shows – boss lady might not like that {she’d probably be jealous we weren’t watching them on her big screen and critiquing them together, let’s be serious. ;)}

In loo of fashion week I thought I’d begin it with a few shots of one of my favorite stylista’s {like fashionista, but better}, Sophia Bush. Yes, I have been a huge fan of her on-screen since the pilot of One Tree Hill, 8 years ago… but I have become an even bigger fan of her off-screen style as of recently. Her style is fresh and unique with a play on very classic silhouettes. And c’mon, she’s gorgeous.

Are you keeping up with NYFW??

Have a wonderful weekend, love-bugs!


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