In Review: Nail Stamping.

I love getting on Amazon and seeing their recommendations for me. I have discovered so many different books, products, music, and this lovely little gem… Konad Nail Stamping. I was skeptical at first and wasn’t exactly sure how it would work but it was cheap enough so I thought I’d give it a try. {It only cost me $10 with shipping!}

The arsenal. Nail polish remover... bc my nails desperately needed some love. A buffer, glass file {I swear by this guy}, the stamp kit & polish, OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts, top coat, and speed dry spray {which I actually didn't use}.

Konad Stamp Kit. Mirrored stamp plate, double ended stamper, scraper, and the special nail polish.

OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts. I thought this was a good base behind the stamp. I wanted something neutral. It's a little more taupe than it appears in the photo.

Leopard stamp. When you stamp on the nails you end up getting a bit on your fingers... but it cleans right up with nail polish remover.

The finished product!

The stamping itself was pretty easy once I got the hang of it.

  1. Paint the plate with the special polish {which is much like White-Out}.
  2. Use the scraper to remover the excess polish from the plate so it settles perfectly into the stamp print.
  3. Gently roll the stamper {I used the small end} over the stamp.
  4. Gently roll the stamp onto your dry, painted fingernail.

You have to go through this process for each nail so it’s much more time consuming than just normal polish. It dries almost immediately and is matte, but once you add a top coat, your nails like nice and pretty!

I’m pretty satisfied with the end result and can see myself using it a lot. The stamp plate came with 5 designs on it.  It’s definitely a fun way to jazz up boring old nail polish!

Have you tried nail stamps before?

Happy Thursday, sweets!


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