What’s in there??

One of my must read blogs is Curating Style. It’s a fabulous lifestyle blog written by a fellow Cbusr. Last week on her blog she did an Inside My Bag post where she shows you exactly that…

And I decided I wanted to play along. Mind you, this little bag that I carry is carried inside my GIANT, plaid, Jessica Simpson, laptop bag. But I wasn’t about to show you the guts of that thing just yet.

The contents... Ibuprofen, Victoria's Secret mini Bombshell, lipglosses {victoria's secret, philosophy, and chapstick}, blonde bobbie pins, my business cards, a movie stub, Kodak point and shoot, gum, earrings, and my wallet.

Turquoise cross body bag. I love this bag, I picked it up at Marshall's last spring and it's the perfect bag when you don't want to lug a giant tote around.

What’s in your bag??

Have a good hump day, kids!


6 thoughts on “What’s in there??

  1. Thanks so much for the mention! Your bag is super cute, and you’ve actually managed to pare it down to the essentials, it seems. (Unlike my random hodge-podge of stuff.) I’m so curious to see this laptop bag, however full it may be!

  2. EEEEKS cannot believe my reader didn’t update with the new blog! I’ve missed you and was like, “where did she go??” I went back through my emails and found it 🙂

  3. i’m not about to reveal the outrageous amount of junk in my purse. maybe you’ll inspire me to clean up my act and do my own purse-y post in the near{ish} future. love your earrings!

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