Red Carpet Review {Screen Actors Guild Awards}

Amber Heard. I loved this. It's fierce. The eye make-up, the hair, the cut-outs... it all works.

Emily Blunt. One shoulder and bright jewel tones were HOT on the red carpet. This was by far my favorite. The emerald green looks amazing on Emily.

Rose Byrne. When I first saw this I didn't realize it was a jumpsuit. And then I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but after looking at it a few times, I think I love it. Rose rocks this. The cut of the top is amazing. And her hair is perfect.

Judy Greer. Sweet. Simple. Vintage.

Aimee Garcia. MY FAVORITE. I saw this dress and fell in love. The ease, the beautiful taupe shade, the drape, the fit, absolutely gorgeous. I want this dress.

Kaley Cuoco. The icey blue color is perfect on Kaley. I wasn't sold on the bottom of this dress but I loved the rest.

Ariel Winter. This is so age appropriate. I love everything about this.

Maria Menounos. She always nails it. Always.

Giuliana Rancic. Gorgeous. After all this girl has gone through recently, she is rocking the red carpet.

In my opinion this red carpet was much more impressive than the last. I loved all the vintage inspired gowns, the colors, the out of the box shapes. Of course there were plenty that I wasn’t so fond of… but these 9 ladies… nailed it. {in my opinion}.

Your thoughts? Who did you love? Hate?

Happy Monday, pretties.


2 thoughts on “Red Carpet Review {Screen Actors Guild Awards}

  1. Lea Michele looked absolutely amazing… glamorous and sexy and the hair was simple yet seductive. Also like the vintage style of Kelly Osbourne’s dress but that color was not right for her.

    I love these posts!!

    • She did. She was in my top dresses, but didn’t make the final cut. haha. I’m still dreaming of that gown Aimee was wearing… I’m imaging it short, with sky high wedges in the spring. *swooning*

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