Happy Birthday to you!

Today is one of dearest friends birthday {Amy…pop onto her twitter and wish her a good one!} – we met almost 4 years ago when I began working for her and her family. Who would have known that we would grow into such amazing friends..and that her family would be like a second family to me. We are together more than most {happens when you work together AND are friends outside of it!} and it’s almost gotten to the point where we don’t even have to speak; we just know what each other are thinking.

It’s been such a fun, crazy, silly ride the past 4 years. Vacations, concerts, night outs, night ins, road tripping with the girls, you name it we’ve done it and loved every minute of it…

Here’s a lil trip down memory lane…

p.s. these aren’t in any specific order. 
I hope you have the happiest of birthday’s, Love. You deserve it. Here’s to this being the best year yet and lots more memories to come! 
And anyone else celebrating a birthday today {pssst, RYAN!} HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday to you too!

Love always.


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