Embracing what it’s about.

I’ve posted this little note before, I know. {I’m like an elephant, I always remember… You’ve heard that, right? Or am I crazy?! ;-)}

But it’s perfect right now. 
I have always thought that it’s uber important to make sure people know how much you appreciate them. I believe the simple words “thank you” can make someone’s day that much better. It’s good to know your actions are noticed, or that you’ve made a difference to someone. It’s heartwarming
Last November I made it a point to post on my Facebook something I was thankful for everyday.

And since it’s almost that time of year again – month of Thanksgiving – and instead of just enjoying the delicious food and gatherings that come from this season I have decided to embrace what it’s really about: Taking a moment and being thankful for the things I have in this life.

I urge you to as well. It’s all too often we take the things around us for granted; I don’t think it’s too much effort to take a step back and appreciate them. Even on your roughest day – it could be much, much worse. 

On that note – happy Friday, lovers! Hope you have a FABULOUS Halloween weekend! {I’m headed to a costume party tonight! Eeeek! I’ll post lots of pictures, don’t worry!}

Are you dressing up for Halloween? What are you going as?!

Love always.


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