I have fallen in love.

I was inspired to share my favorite fall things by my dear friend, LeAnn of LoveLee Little Things. I have been thinking about it a lot, to be honest. But the thought seems to always be fleeting… but it stuck tonight. Yayy!

If I told you that fall has always been my favorite season… I’d be lying.  And I’d hate to do that to you – only recently have I begun to have a love affair with it. It’s this attitude that fall brings… that I have come to admire. It’s coziness draws me in. All I want to do is cuddle up with a good book, hot chocolate, and watch the rain come down. Perfection in my opinion. I love the rain. {Now don’t get me started on snow – we are not friends!}

And these are the things that I have fallen in love with that you can only really enjoy in the fall… so thank you cold, rainy, gray weather for changing my mind about you after all these years. I think our love affair will be a great one. 😉

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? It’s that one drink that makes you feel like a kid again.

Love a rainy day. Something so cozy about the dreary weather.

Maybe my favorite fall food. Yum-O.

A cozy sweater – in leopard… um, yes please. {No thanks to the cigarette though.}

Boots. Duh. Like they even need an explanation.

The cozy sweater is perfect. And, how adorable is Selena Gomez?? #loveher

Do you fall in love with this season too?? What do you love???
Happy Thursday. Hope this week has been a good one!
Love always.


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