I want. I need. {tickle me tuesday}

whoa?! where did tuesday come from?!
*sigh* this weekend went by WAYYYY too fast. *exasperated sigh*
on a happy note — i got to spend time with the fam, my old kitty, and soaked up some sun. i’m welcoming tan lines right now – and i have them! {doing a happy dance – i heart being tan}. 
so as i sit here watching the bachelorette with my fam {i love william (and he’s from cbus – eeeeek!!!) and jp (so far!)} i thought i’d do a little bloggy posting. 
i’m really kind of loving these linky blog parties. they’re fun – and they give you something to chat about. 
and on that note… tickle me tuesday begins…

the rules of the game are this: list 1 to 5 things thats tickling your fancy right now.
easy peezy lemon squeezey.




  1.  {source}

  1. {three}

i love ruche. that online boutique is ahhhhmazing!!!!

whats is tickling your fancy, pretties?!

happy monday tuesday!!

love always.


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