Happy Sunday {And Memorial Day Weekend!}

It’s the kickoff to summer weekend. I couldn’t be more excited. I love everything about summer. {aside from the humidity – curly hair does not love this.} But everything else… I heart it all.
walking barefoot. 
pool days.
getting that pretty tan glow.
days on the lake.
lunches on the patio.
sweet tea.
I’m home in the country this weekend {for the 3rd weekend in a row} {May is a busy family month, obviously! hehe}. Today there’s graduation, graduation parties, and bonfires.

And don’t forget about the real reason for this Holiday – remember those who have fought and died for our freedom, remember those who have served in the military to get us to where we are in this country. Take a second and honor them – without them – enjoying all the things we love {including 3 day weekends and sweet tea;)} wouldn’t be possible.

What are you up to this for this long weekend?!

Love always.

2 thoughts on “Happy Sunday {And Memorial Day Weekend!}

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