Good karma.

Hey dolls – how was your weekend? Mine was pretty stinkin’ busy. Saturday morning I participated in the Susan G. Komen race for the cure – which is always such a heartwarming event. I’m proud to be apart of it. 
Went out for happy hour Saturday evening, which was nice. Can’t beat a good happy hour with good friends.
And yesterday – it was grocery, cleaning, and chilling out from the week. 
But the good news is… It’s MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!
{yes, for some reason, at some point in my life – I decided my birthday warranted an entire week instead of just a day. I’m okay with it. ;)}
So this week will be full of wish lists, random facts, and goals of mine. Saying goodbye to 27 and hello to 23 28. Wow, 28. That seems so old, to me at least. I know, I know – it’s really not that old. But I can remember turning 18 and thinking how far away 28 seemed. Hmm.. Life is funny. 
Anyways, I’m going to finish my Starbucks and get on with my day. I do hope you all have a fabulous day. {and week – I’m sending everyone good karma since its my birthday week! ;)}
Anything exciting going on for you this week?!

Love Always.

4 thoughts on “Good karma.

  1. I hope that you have a fabulous birthday week!I completely understand "feeling old". I just turned 25 in March, and had a couple hours of "where did my early twenties go?" before I got over it. And then promptly went to the mall to purchase a mini skirt! LOL.

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