Local Ladies {Missy from Yellow Duck Cookies}

Meet Missy – the creative mind {and talented baker} behind Yellow Duck Cookies. I met her 4 years ago when she became my assistant manager at Abercrombie and not long after…one of my best friends. {Hm, seems like a lifetime ago.} Anyways, while looking for something to do in her spare time, she realized how much she loved baking cookies. And so… after countless taste tests {by yours truly and a couple of her other friends} and lots of nods yes… Yellow Duck Cookies was born.
Yellow Duck Cookies specializes in frosted cut out cookies {in any shape!}. However, in addition to the cut outs she can make any custom cookie you can think up! Banana cream pie, blackberry cobbler, s’mores, strawberry shortcake, nutella… just to name a few. {yup, I have tasted them all. And I’m quite the cookie conessiour… and I approve. Two GIANT thumbs up!}
Check out her blog…Yellow Duck Cookies.
Follow her on Twitter… @yellowduckco
And finally – order some cookies {email her!}.
Believe me, I wouldn’t steer you wrong here.
They’re delicious.
Introducing… Missy…
1. Tell us a little about yourself…
I am southeastern Ohio raised and graduated from OU with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. I am 50% country and 50% city. I have lived in Columbus for 4 years and I adore my 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier named Jules. I have a strong love for old love stories. Oh and right now I have #royalweddingfever. (yes I used a hash tag)
2. Where did you get the idea for Yellow Duck Cookies?
I got the idea for Yellow Duck because I was thinking of things I missed doing with my mother and things we used to enjoy making. My mom was always making cookies and cakes for friends and family. I have her recipes and I create my own. The name Yellow Duck simply comes from my obsession with ducks. I want a pet duck someday. All white with an orange beak and feet. (just like Joey’s from Friends)

3. Where do you pull inspiration{ideas} from?
I get inspiration by flavors that my friends like. I love to look at desserts, pies, and other sweets and try to make it a cookie. It’s all experimenting. I just really try to make cookies I have not seen before. I mean who doesn’t love a good cookie???
4. How would you describe your personal style {fashion, home, cooking, etc}?
I am a OU Fashion Alum so I have strong opinions on all things style. I love vintage and I love stepping outside the box. Most things in my apartment are vintage and either been in the family or from a second hand store. I have a strong love and appreciation for family heirlooms, from furniture to jewelry. I like items that tell a story and have a history. My style inspiration is Sherri DuPree Bemis from Eisley. Her style is fun and so creative, pink hair and all! Check her out!
5. Any exciting news for Yellow Duck Cookies future?
Really right now I’m just trying to get my name and product out there and see what people think. I get all excited when someone loves a certain cookie.  I’m just happy to be doing something in my spare time that I enjoy and others can also enjoy.
6. Advice for anyone trying to get into the baking community?
I’m not one to give advice yet on the baking community or anything, heck I need advice! So does anyone have advice for me? Haha. I guess just give a cookie to anyone who will try it! There are many delicious bakeries in Columbus, trust me I have been to many!
So what’d ya think of this CBUS lady and her cookies?! Gonna order some??
{Yes is the correct answer!} 😉
Check back next week when we chat with Mandi of Designs by Mandi {she sells fabulous jewelry!}
Know of any ladies that should be featured? Email me!
Happy hump day, lovelies!
{pretty, pretty, please tell me it’s not raining where you are… I’m going to start living vicariously thru all of you. Yes. I’m complaining about the rain. Again…maybe Mother Nature is reading my blog?? No?} 😉
Love always.

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